In today’s market, it’s essential to build customer loyalty and stand out to potential customers.

If a consumer searches online for a specific problem or concern your products or services can address, will they find the information they need on your site?

Maintaining a strong web presence takes more than a one-time effort. In fact, the most effective SEO practices will include an ongoing investment in producing and distributing content. Blogs are the backbone of your custom content. That’s because they accomplish a number of distinct goals within the scope of SEO and content marketing. Regular blog posts will allow a business to cultivate a unique personality while boosting their reputation as an industry authority. Perhaps even more importantly, blogs will enhance any SEO strategy by creating signals that will be picked up by search engine spiders to improve organic search rankings. Not sure where to start?

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How Blogging Fits into the Big Picture of SEO

The primary goal in creating blog content should be to produce highly engaging, easy-to-read articles. These articles should provide either information or entertainment for current customers and potential clients. In following this goal, your blog will produce SEO fodder, because search engines have become very skilled in identifying content that will be valuable to readers. In other words, search engine spiders look for quality markers that showcase well-written and relevant content rather than the keyword-stuffed articles of the past. Here’s a closer look at just how using blogs for SEO can work for you behind the scenes:

Create Inbound Links – Search engines favor active websites—or those that continue to generate inbound links with new pages. Each blog will create a new link to your website, and this will increase your visibility for better SEO.

Increase Social Activity – If you are not posting blogs to social sites, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to engage readers and increase brand awareness. Ramping up traffic to your website through social media also boosts your search engine rank, especially if your blogs encourage readers to click through other pages on your site, thereby reducing your bounce rate.

Utilize Organic Search Terms – The use of keywords in SEO has evolved substantially. However, keywords are still an important part of the SEO game. While creating blog content, incorporate keywords naturally so that the content reads well but still relates to relevant search terms.

Start a Conversation with Readers – With a blog, a business can evolve from being a provider of services to being a trusted brand and industry authority. In this transition, consumers may feel more inclined to join the conversation that your blog has started by commenting and sharing posts on their own social media pages. Responding to comments and engaging socially will only increase trust in your brand and keep your blog working hard for you.

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Effective Blogging Practices 

Ideally, your business should post new blogs about once weekly. But quality should never be compromised to increase the rate at which blogs are posted. Poorly written content or repetitive blog posts can do more harm than good with current search engine algorithms. So, you should never lose sight of quality with any type of blog content. Varying content types is another essential aspect of blogging for SEO, because readers do not always want to sift through long blog posts with the same format. Below you can see some of the ways that SEO blogs may be structured to continue offering something new and interesting for readers.

How-To Articles –How-to articles are popular because they provide readers with a clear takeaway from the content. Pairing the information with images, or better yet an infographic, will create eye-catching appeal for these posts.

YouTube Summaries –Embedding a video is a helpful way to add interest for readers while creating a new topic for discussion. Offering a transcription of the video can further increase the value of your content, because it will be accessible to all audiences.

Local Interest Pieces –Local optimization is another vital component of SEO, so you might look to local news and events for new blog posts. If your business participates in local events or charity projects, you will not want to miss the opportunity to share this information through your blog.

Industry News –Industries like healthcare, technology, and beauty will always have new and exciting headlines to discuss. Therefore, there will be a consistent stream of blog ideas to explore.

Headline Aggregators –Another way to share industry news  with readers and followers is through headline aggregator pieces, which share and discuss a series of headlines within a given subject.

Media-Optimized Blogs –Aside from videos, there are many different types of media that can enhance regular blog posts. Almost any blog post can be made better with an image. To go the extra mile, you might also think about creating custom infographics, animations, and graphs to set your blog apart. You can also repurpose existing custom media with related blog posts that rehash information in a new format.

Are you ready to establish your business as an industry authority and improve your search engine rankings with a blog? Pennington Creative is here to help. Our team of experienced SEO professionals, copywriters, and editors can provide custom blogs that will engage your website visitors and attract potential customers.

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Our blogs can:

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  • Establish your business as an authority in your industry, and help readers feel more informed when making purchasing decisions.
  • Help you show off your company’s voice and build stronger relationships with customers.

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