Online marketing offers today’s businesses a wide variety of benefits. No matter what size company you run, you can become more visible and enhance your reputation by advertising online. Social media platforms play an important role in online marketing, yet there are still some small business owners who aren’t sure if social media can help them grow. If any of these sound like goals you want to achieve, then your business should definitely be on social media:

You want to look professional.

Having a high-quality website isn’t enough for modern businesses; they must also be on social media if they want to look professional. Today’s consumers want to research brands online before making purchasing decisions, and many of them look to social media. If your company doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter page, then consumers might view you as old-fashioned and unwilling to adapt to today’s advertising trends. By creating social media profiles for your company, you’re giving the brand more exposure and ensuring that you maintain a modern professional image among potential customers.

You want to use content marketing.

Unlike traditional marketing that creates advertisements for specific products or services, content marketing focuses on creating unique and engaging content that customers want to read and see. This modern type of marketing allows companies to become authoritative and trustworthy sources of information, making consumers more likely to purchase from them. Social media and content marketing go together perfectly, as platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it convenient for companies to promote their content and share it with more potential customers. If you want to see how content marketing can help your company, then creating social media profiles is a great first step.

You want to advertise online.

While social media can help with content marketing strategies, it also provides plenty of its own advertising opportunities that businesses can use to their advantage. Facebook Ads let you target specific people or groups of people that might be most interested in your products or services. This Facebook service also lets you choose from numerous ad types, allowing you to find the most appropriate way to highlight what your company does. Twitter and Instagram also allow businesses to target ads towards users that are most likely to show interest in their brand. These social media ads can fit in with any budget, meaning you can find something that works for your business—but only if your business is on social media.

You want to provide excellent customer service.

Before internet use became widespread, customers had to visit businesses in-person or contact them by phone if they had a question or concern about a purchase. Today, customers can simply go online and search for answers to all of their questions. Social media allows for immediate interaction, which makes it the perfect platform for customer service. When your business is on social media, you’ll be able to answer customers’ questions or field their concerns quickly and easily by simply replying to the comments they leave on your page.

You want to hear feedback.

Your business will also be able to ask your customers questions about their experiences with social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms make it easy for businesses to get instant feedback from their customers. Before social media, businesses had to encourage customers to leave feedback on their websites, by phone, or by sending in comment cards. Now, it’s incredibly easy for customers to leave feedback without taking time away from their schedules. You can create a post that asks fans and followers to leave a comment with feedback. When your customers see this post on their computer or mobile device, they will be able to share their thoughts quickly and conveniently.

You want to interact with other businesses.

Social media doesn’t just let businesses connect with customers; it can also help them connect with other businesses. Whether you want to see what the competition is doing or want to create closer ties with other members of your local business community, creating social media profiles is a great way to start. Your business can like or follow other companies online, letting you see real-time updates about their products and services. If you’re interested in connecting with other businesses in your area, then you can start supporting them on social media and see if they’ll do the same for your company.

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Jessica DeMilt

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services