Maintaining a blog on your business’s website can be integral to your content marketing strategy for better SEO. If, however, you are making some common but critical blogging mistakes, you may be investing lots of time in content that no one will ever see. The accompanying video can walk you through some of the likely reasons your blog is underperforming, which may include inconsistencies in the theme of your blog or the frequency of your posts. For a closer analysis of whether your blog could be better, ask yourself the following questions:

How often do you post?

If you do not have an answer to this question ready, it’s likely that you aren’t posting consistently enough to see results. Posting content daily is ideal, but some businesses may simply not have the time. Bi-weekly or even weekly posts may be the most you can manage on your marketing budget, but offering these posts consistently on a predictable schedule will help you gain a more dedicated readership that won’t lose interest when you go too long without posting something new.

Where else do you post content?

Posting content to your own blog is a great practice, but it may not gain much traction if there’s nothing driving traffic to your website. If you have the time and resources, it may be beneficial to post guest content on blogs related to your industry or seek mentions on third party blogs. Without any external connections, you can extend the reach of your brand by posting links to your blog on social media channels.

How far ahead do you plan?

Consistency is essential not only in the frequency of your posts, but also in the theme. It can get easy to go off-message or find yourself repeating content if you don’t plan ahead with an editorial calendar. By planning ahead with quarterly or monthly blog topics, you can be sure that posts fit into an overarching theme as part of a series.

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