Whether you have a fledgling company or one that is celebrating its 30th year in business, having an effective LinkedIn page can be an invaluable asset. But how exactly do you create a LinkedIn page that will have tangible benefits for your company? Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare to work on your page.

Optimize Your Page Content

Your LinkedIn page deserves to be crafted just as carefully as your regular business page. You can do that, in part, by writing a sharp and succinct description of your company for your page, making sure to include key phrases that will attract the attention of internet users. Include links to pages on your website so that LinkedIn users can see your products and services quickly and conveniently.

Update Your Page Regularly

The secret to building your LinkedIn presence is engaging with your audience—and that means updating your page frequently. Remember that your company can like and share content on LinkedIn, so be sure to take advantage of that to keep your company’s name and presence in front of as many eyes as possible. If anyone comments on your posts, be sure to respond to them right away.

Target Your LinkedIn Updates

One advantage LinkedIn offers is the ability to target updates to specific audiences, based on the information they provide in their profiles. You can target a post’s audience based on location, the industry they work in, the role they play in their company, or a number of other factors. You can even develop different groups of audiences, and only share certain posts with them.

Remember to Use Visual Content

Using images and even videos when you update is a great way to catch the eye of LinkedIn users and get them to pay attention to your posts. Imagine them scrolling through a sea of updates from numerous companies, only to be stopped short by one of your posts. Videos are also great because you can use them to let viewers explore your business in a more direct way. You might upload a video of a customer talking about her experience with you, or you might feature regular video messages from your CEO.

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