If you’re working on improving your SEO strategy, one of the concepts you should become familiar with is conversion rate optimization. Commonly known as CRO, conversion rate optimization simply means boosting the number of people who visit your website and take the action you want them to take. For example, somebody who goes to your website might end up purchasing one of your products, signing up for your email newsletter, or downloading an app that you offer. So what role does CRO have to play in your SEO strategy?

Improving the Effectiveness of Your Calls-to-Action

The most critical part of any piece of online content is the call to action (CTA)—the moment where you invite your readers to directly engage with you. Your CRO strategy might focus on identifying CTAs that are getting the best results. Are there certain words or phrases that seem to prompt more clicks than others? Analyzing your CTAs will provide insight on the specific language that draws customers in and prompts them to continue the purchase process.

Getting a Better Sense of What Your Customers Want

Before you can start improving your conversion rate, you need to begin understanding what is driving new customers to your site. Which keywords are most likely to bring a visitor to one of your landing pages? What types of searches are most likely to bring up your company’s name in Google search results? By studying how keyword intent affects your site’s visitors, you can better design your content to reflect your potential customers’ interests.

Optimizing the Design of Your Website

Your site needs to be designed to be as easy as possible for your customers to navigate. Site menus should be simple and accessible so customers can quickly find the section of your site that they’re looking for. You should also make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, and that it looks great no matter what device a visitor is viewing it on.

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