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We’ve still been closely following the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that this is a difficult time for businesses, particularly small ones. In the weeks and months ahead, business owners everywhere will continue dealing with a lot of uncertainty. 

We don’t know when normalcy is going to return. Wedoknow, however, that it will happen—and when it does, you need to be ready for it. That’s why the need for effective content marketing remains just as urgent as ever. As your competitors rein in their marketing efforts, now’s the time for you to sharpen your own approach. 

We want to let you know that our team is continuing to work hard every day to create optimized, quality content for our clients and for any small businesses in need of marketing help. Our goal, as always, is to arm business owners with the resources you need to stay competitive. 

To help you meet the challenges of this particular moment, we wanted to highlight some of the services that you might find especially valuable right now. 

We are offering the following services at heavily discounted rates and, if needed, at no upfront cost, for the foreseeable future. We see these as the most essential services for small businesses during this time:

Email Marketing

It’s important to communicate with your own customers about how you’re responding to the public health crisis. We provide fully managed email marketing campaigns so you can easily engage with your customers as any of your services and availability change.

Listings Management

Have you changed your hours, your services, or your product offerings? We can update your website, your social media accounts, your Google My Business listing, and other online platforms to reflect those changes and keep your customers in the loop. 


This is a great time to take a fresh look at your SEO strategy. Is your current approach working? Now that more people are at home, they’re finding businesses by searching online more than ever. We are providing free SEO audits and action plans to any businesses that need help ranking organically.

Web Design

If business is slow, now is the perfect time to focus on revamping your website, updating service options to be accessible online, and making sure important information is front and center. We can work with you to add ecommerce functionality to your current site, or focus on improving your site’s speed and overall user experience.

Social Media

Staying top of mind is easy to do on social media, as people are at home and checking their newsfeeds more often. We offer free posting plans included with all of our monthly social media management packages, meant to engage with and grow your followers.

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