Though you might make a strong effort to produce evergreen content, you may be unable to account for the changes that take place in the world of content marketing, which represent shifting consumer perspectives and preferences. Today’s consumers have short attention spans, and this shows in the rapidly evolving trends of content marketing. Below, you can get a look at some of the latest trends and their impact on best content practices.

Voice search optimization is on the rise.

It wasn’t long ago that voice recognition software was primitive and unreliable. For most voice searches, you were more likely to get a laughably unrecognizable search result than you were to see results for the terms you clearly spoke into your phone. With better software that allows users to casually speak into their phones and see the results they are actually looking for, more searches are being conducted through voice. Why is this important? It all relates to the terms people use with different search mechanisms. Voice search yields longer, more conversational inquiries, which makes long-tail keywords an asset to effective modern content.

Users are responding to interactive content.

When you think of content, your first image might be a descriptive web page or blog post. While these are certainly staples of content marketing, it may be necessary to expand your definition of content to include interactive features that engage readers and keep them coming back. Interactive infographics, contests, calculators, quizzes, and interactive eBooks are all leading forms of interactive content—a trend moving from novel to essential.

Snapchat endures against competition.

Social media and content go hand in hand, so it’s hard to have a discussion about what’s happening in content without glancing at social media. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram remain giants in the social media marketplace, Snapchat is still an underdog to watch for. As Snapchat gains users—particularly among the millennial demographic—it is becoming clear to marketers that this social media outlet is worth a second glance. Though some large companies have been hesitant to get on board with Snapchat, others like Honda and Universal Pictures are embracing the platform.

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