Turn Contacts into Customers with Email Marketing

Email marketing ranks with search engine marketing as one of the most effective promotional tools available to small businesses. It is also a highly versatile tool that can adapt to your needs. For example, you can use email marketing to reach out to new customers. Alternatively, email marketing can strengthen your connection with current customers. Or perhaps it might encourage repeat business through exclusive promotional offerings. Pennington Creative can offer you a comprehensive email marketing package that will allow you to achieve your advertising goals.


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1. Connect and Discover

We’ll connect with you through a discovery call. Then, we can learn what your goals are for the campaign, and obtain your current email contact list.

2. Build a Custom Strategy

We’ll develop an original strategy for the campaign, geared to the specific needs of your business.

3. Audit Subscriber List

We’ll audit your email contact list to find the names that are most likely to respond to and engage with our emails, so we can target them for the campaign.

4. Grow Readership

We’ll work to grow your audience by finding new potential customers for your business, so they can see your message.

5. Design Newsletter

We’ll create a special email newsletter for your business, custom-crafted by our design specialists and based on your unique brand.

6. Start a Campaign

We’ll send the newsletter out to your targeted subscribers. Meanwhile, we’ll keep track of how well your campaign is doing.

7. Analyze & Refine

We’ll do analysis of the progress of your campaign, adjusting our tactics as needed to keep your audience growing.