Help Your Client Grow with Facebook Ads

Facebook remains the largest social media platform on the web, so it only makes sense to advertise there to capture new leads, drive sales, and increase brand recognition. Even better, Facebook allows you to tap into a wealth of demographic data for your audience, so you can help your clients target the right viewers at exactly the right times. With Pennington Creative, managing Facebook Ad campaigns is a breeze. Whether you only need ad copy and design or need full management, we’re here to help.

Choose from Full Management or Ready-to-Publish Ad Packs

Creating compelling, relevant ads is a time-consuming process, but our copywriters and designers are ready to take this task off your plate. We can create ready-to-publish ad packs via a simple Google doc, or we can go all in with monthly Facebook Ad management through your Business Manager account. Full management includes monitoring, optimizing, and refreshing ads, and we can provide white label reporting to share with your clients, so they can see the impact their ads are making. 

With Facebook Ads, there are two basic ad types to consider: brand awareness and retargeting ads. Our ad packs include 8 ads, which is enough to cover an entire year when ads are swapped out every 6 weeks.

Brand Awareness Ads

Brand Awareness ads are ideal for building awareness and generating leads among audiences who are not yet familiar with your client’s brand but are likely to need their products and services. They typically emphasize general information about a business’s values and core services.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are shown to people who have visited your client’s website or interacted with their Facebook page before. Because these ads are intended for an audience with some brand familiarity, they can dive deeper into details about what sets a business apart or makes their products and services superior to others on the market. They can also seal the deal for potential customers with deals and special offers to close the sale.

Our Process

Our Facebook Ads setup and onboarding includes implementing the tracking pixel on your client’s website, gaining access to your Business Manager account, and implementing the first set of ads from your Ad Pack. You’ll host a kickoff meeting with your client to review their advertising goals, brand image, and target audience. Our kickoff, intake, and customer persona forms will guide you through the kickoff meeting, so you can gather all the information we need to make relevant, compelling ads that will yield results.

After the kickoff meeting, you’ll share access to your agency’s Business Manager and fill out the Marketing Calendar Outline. Then we’ll be ready to create ad designs, create and install the tracking pixel, and set up campaigns. We’ll monitor ads on a daily basis for any issues and then refresh ads every six weeks.

Set your client up for success with Facebook Ads with a helping hand from Pennington Creative. Order now, or schedule a strategy call to get started or learn more about our process.