Blogs can be an invaluable promotional tool for any company. By providing high-quality content on a regular basis, blogs give people a reason to visit your website and allow you to reach potential customers who might never have had reason to notice you before. Once you have a blog, however, you face the trickiest challenge—finding topics to post about.

How Trending Topics Can Help Your Blog

Suppose your blog has been running for a few months. You’ve done everything possible to ensure that the quality of your content is high, that you’re using plenty of graphics, and that you are promoting your blog on social media. Despite all that, your blog still isn’t drawing the level of traffic that you’re hoping for. What’s the problem? In all likelihood, you simply haven’t found the best topics. One of your goals for your blog should be to include as many trending topics—that is, topics that plenty of people in your industry are discussing—as possible. Using trending topics can benefit your blog in several ways:

  • It demonstrates that your blog is relevant and up-to-date, and can help to establish your business as a trendsetter within your industry.
  • It makes it easier for you to effectively promote your blog on Facebook and Twitter, where you can use hashtags to help attract new visitors to your site.
  • It means that your potential customers and clients are more likely to check out your blog, since people are naturally drawn to read about the topics they are most interested in.

Where to Find the Topics Your Blog Needs

It’s one thing to decide that you’re going to start writing about currently trending topics on your blog, but it’s quite another to find the topics that will be most relevant to your business. You also need to make sure that you’re writing about the latest trending topics—after all, no trend lasts forever. While there is no single place you can go to track down every single trending topic in your industry, there are a number of places where you’re most likely to find what you’re looking for:


If you’re stuck for topic ideas, spending an hour or two on Quora is a great way to get your wheels rolling. The popular site, founded in 2009, contains more than a million questions asked and answered by users from all walks of life. You can pick almost any subject matter, and you’re guaranteed to find dozens of questions related to it. You can use the site to look up topics that are related to your industry, and you’ll see a list of questions that Quora users have asked in the past. Better still, you’ll see what the most popular questions are.

Facebook and Twitter

The twin giants of social media are still the surest way to identify the hottest topics of the moment. Facebook and Twitter both provide you with lists of trending topics, which can help you see what the people who are following your page are buzzing about. You can also do quick, comprehensive searches on both sites to check out what users are currently saying about topics of interest to your business. If you just want to brainstorm some topic ideas, log in to your accounts on these platforms and give yourself some time to explore.


With hundreds of millions of visitors every month, Reddit is one of the most active discussion-based sites on the internet. This makes it an excellent resource if you’re trying to figure out what people in your industry are talking about. Subscribe to the subreddits that are most pertinent to your business, and visit them periodically. Over time, you’ll get a strong sense of what topics are popping up again and again—and you might be the first to notice a topic that is newly trending.

Other Blogs

It can’t hurt to subscribe to other successful blogs in your industry, and to keep an eye on what they’re publishing. You don’t want to copy what they’re doing, of course—but even skimming through some of their most recent posts can help you get a grip on the kinds of topics that are getting the most traction. Don’t just look at the most popular blogs; give yourself time to go through a wide range of blogs, so you can get a more accurate sense of what today’s hottest topics are.

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