Top Reasons to Work with a White Label Partner

You’ve been looking for ways of scaling your marketing agency and boosting your revenue, and you’re not quite how to get there. Have you ever considered white label marketing services? Just as supermarkets can purchase white label products and slap their own store brand on the label, marketing agencies can opt for white label marketing collateral to pass along to their own clients.

Pennington Creative is a long-established white label digital marketing agency that partners with a wide range of other agencies across the U.S. We also partner with in-house marketing departments at larger companies who need some extra assistance with their projects. Here’s a look at how it works and how your marketing agency can benefit from white label solutions.

What is white label marketing?

White label marketing arises from a partnership between two marketing agencies. It allows the client marketing agency to sell the white label agency’s marketing collateral under their own brand name.

Let’s take the hypothetical example of the fictitious marketing agency, Legal Marketing R Us, and our own agency, Pennington Creative. Legal Marketing R Us wants to take on more clients and expand their reach, but they aren’t ready to assume the costs and time investment required for hiring and training new employees. Or, perhaps they’ve already received inquiries from some clients who want marketing services that Legal Marketing R Us doesn’t offer.

Rather than turning those clients away, Legal Marketing R Us turns to Pennington Creative for white label solutions. Our team requests information about the marketing campaigns that Legal’s clients need. We’ll also review Legal’s and/or the client’s style guidelines, when available.

Then, our team will put together marketing collateral to pass along to Legal. Legal will then sell that marketing collateral to their own clients at a profit, without having to actually create the material. Everyone wins.

What types of marketing services are available via a white label agency?

White label agencies can provide a diverse range of marketing services. These can include website design and graphic design, PPC ads, social media campaigns, marketing emails, blogs, and static page copy for websites. It can also include press releases and downloadable, such as eBooks.

What are the benefits of working with a white label marketing agency?

White label marketing solutions can allow your agency to grow without taking on unnecessary risk. You’ll be able to please your clients and boost your bottom line with little extra effort on your part. Here’s a look at some of the specific benefits of white label digital marketing for your agency.

Streamlined Workflow Management

Workflow management is one of the toughest challenges for any marketing agency. You need enough work coming in to keep your in-house employees busy and keep the lights on. However, too much work coming in can result in your in-house employees being overworked and pushed to their breaking point.

When you work with a white label marketing agency, you can shuffle your overflow work to your agency partner, rather than overwork your existing employees. And when the workflow slows down a bit, you can send fewer projects to your white label partner. It’s effective workflow management, simplified.

Increase Your Roster of Clients

Every marketing agency is a little different, but generally, they all share the same goal: to increase revenue. In order to increase revenue, you’ll need to increase your fees or generate a higher workflow. However, increasing your roster of clients can come with certain risks and additional costs.

For instance, you may need to hire more employees to handle those additional clients—unless you choose to work with a white label marketing agency. A white label partner can allow you to increase your roster of clients without also having to take on additional risks and costs.

Keep Your HR Costs Manageable

Speaking of keeping costs to a minimum, working with a white label marketing agency will reduce your HR-related costs. You can kick back and relax while your white label partner does the work of hiring their own in-house marketing gurus, training them, and providing their benefits packages. You’ll benefit from the work those extra employees do without having to share in any of the HR costs. (And you won’t even need to buy extra desks and computer equipment!)

Lower Your Overhead Costs

In addition to keeping your HR-related costs to a minimum, working with a white label agency may sometimes reduce your overhead costs. For example, marketing agencies tend to maintain lots of subscriptions, such as subscriptions for software, SEO research tools, and similar items. If you do any sort of PR work, you’ll also likely need a lot of newspaper subscriptions. All of those items can add up, and they are typically recurring monthly or yearly charges.

By outsourcing your content needs to a white label marketing agency, you can often reduce your expenditures. Your white label partner will take on the costs of software, SEO research tools, and similar subscription-based items. (Chances are, they’ve already signed up for all the services they’ll need to tackle your projects.)

Increase Your Profits

When you partner with a white label marketing firm, you’ll be predominantly responsible for generating the workflow, gathering the necessary details via discovery calls, and keeping the client informed about the progress of the project, as well as handing over the completed project. You won’t actually need to complete the project yourself. You’ll be able to sell the completed work to your clients at a much higher price than what you paid for it, thereby increasing your profits.

Expand Into New Industries and Niches

There are some companies that do well being hyper-specialized. In most cases, however, to fuel the success of your agency, you’ll need to increase your presence in the market—and that often requires targeting new types of clients.

Let’s say your marketing firm currently specializes in providing digital marketing services to doctors. Your team knows everything there is to know about HIPAA regulations, restrictions on medical marketing, and how to bring in new patients for the doctors on your client roster. But you’ve noticed that your client list isn’t as large as it should be and you’ve been having trouble attracting new doctors who understand the value of marketing their services.

One solution is to rebrand your agency, transitioning from being a hyper-specialized agency to one that offers marketing services for a range of healthcare professionals, like dentists, physical therapists, speech therapists, etc. But if your team has only been providing services to doctors, it can be a bit of a stretch to assume that they’ll be able to get up to speed quickly on other healthcare niches. Instead, consider outsourcing your new types of clients to a white label agency team that has experience working with all types of healthcare clients.

Similarly, this strategy can work well for agencies that are venturing into entirely new territory. Some industries and niches are less accessible than others. If you’re transitioning from working solely with e-commerce start-ups toward a jack-of-all-trades model, then it can seem insurmountable to begin tackling the content needs of, say, a manufacturing client that specializes in designing ejector pins for plastic injection molding operations. The solution is a white label partner that already has experience working with all sorts of clients.

Expand Your Service Offerings

Just as a white label partner can help you expand into new industries and niches in order to grow your client roster, they can also allow you to easily expand your service offerings. Let’s say your team does incredible web design, custom applications, and graphic design for a range of business types. But your agency isn’t necessarily known for your content skills. Partnering with a white label marketing agency allows you to easily expand your service offerings.

Without having to hire new in-house employees or go through the hassle of throwing together a training program, your agency could instantly start offering optimized content services such as the following:

  • Blog posts
  • Static pages
  • Landing pages
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing emails
  • Press releases
  • PPC ads
  • eBooks
  • Other lead generation downloadable

Become a One-Stop Shop

By and large, clients like marketing agencies that are one-stop shops. They don’t enjoy having to pull together a marketing campaign piecemeal, with one agency providing certain services and another delivering other types of projects. When you expand your capabilities by using a white label partner, you can begin to market your agency as a one-stop shop for your clients. It’s an effective strategy for both attracting new clients, and retaining and pleasing the ones you already have.

Free Up Time for Other Projects

Partnering with a white label marketing agency doesn’t only allow you to increase your roster of clients, expand your service offerings, and improve your workflow management. You can also use your white label partner to free up time for other projects. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to allot some time to your in-house employees for professional development purposes, but there’s simply never been enough time for it. By shuffling some work over to your white label partner, your in-house employees will have time for those other projects.

Boost Your Client Retention Rates

It takes far more time and energy (and a fair bit of luck) to attract new clients than it does to retain the ones you already have. Partnering with a white label agency can help you improve your client retention rates. Here’s how.

Your clients expect their projects to be completed on time and within budget. If your in-house team is already working to capacity and can’t take on the new project that a client sends your way, you can either 1.) Tell the client you can’t take on the project at this time and risk upsetting them or 2.) Take the project knowing that it will run late and possibly over-budget. There is a third solution, of course. A white label agency can get the work done so you can keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

In addition, when you shuffle some projects over to your white label partner, you can devote more time and energy for client relationship management.

Improve Your Own Brand Image

Marketing agency owners and managers are often so focused on raising brand awareness and improving the brand image of their clients that they neglect to take care of their own brand image. White label digital marketing offers an easy, hands-off way to enhance your brand image.

How? Quite simply, a partnership with a white label agency can enable you to meet the expectations of your clients. Your agency’s reputation depends upon being able to provide high-quality deliverables in a timely manner, and white label services allow you to accomplish exactly that.

When to Use White Label Marketing Services

Now that you know some of the many benefits of working with a white label marketing agency, let’s take a look at some of the specific circumstances in which you might lean on this partnership.

  • When You’ve Launched a New Start-Up – A white label partner can help you scale quickly without investing in significant resources. White label marketing is appropriate both for new marketing agencies and for any other type of start-up that doesn’t yet have a full-fledged in-house marketing department.
  • To Gain a Competitive Edge – If you’ve got a small agency and you want to compete with larger, well-known brands, you can level the playing field with a white label partner.
  • When It’s Time to Scale – Scaling comes with risks, but by working with a white label partner, you can keep those risks to a minimum while you work on growing your company.
  • When You Need to Keep Up – If you suddenly see an uptick in new clients or in the volume of work that your existing clients send your way, you’ll need to rely on a white label partner to help you manage the overflow.

Grow your marketing agency without the risk of hiring additional in-house staff or working with untested freelancers. Partner with Pennington Creative and take advantage of our experienced team’s marketing expertise and diverse industry knowledge. We can provide white label marketing collateral for your B2C and B2B clients in any industry or niche—from law and education to dentistry and healthcare. Get in touch today to discuss how our team can support your team.