Facebook has changed the way that companies interact with their leads and customers, bringing brand recognition and loyalty to new heights. Digital marketers have been quick to recognize the high level of engagement possible with Facebook, and they have taken advantage through Facebook Ads. As the most prevalent social media site popular among many key demographics, Facebook creates many advantages with the reach and targeting of ads, which is harder to achieve with other digital mediums. In the video above, you’ll hear more from marketing experts about what excites them most in Facebook Ads. Here are some of our key takeaways about the value of Facebook Ads:

Seeing What Works (and What Doesn’t)

With Ads Insights, Facebook makes it easy to track ad performance and see why an ad was a success or a flop. If an ad didn’t convert, it’s easy to restructure and retry with the insight provided about ad views and interactions within various targeting parameters. Through continued use of the tools that Facebook provides to advertisers, companies can fine tune their approach to get the right message to the right audience.

Targeting by Demographics

Facebook relies on advertisers to keep its services free to users, so they have invested in providing advertisers with the information they want and need to design better performing ads. One of the key tools that Facebook offers is detailed demographic data that can offer a wealth of insight to any campaign. When it’s possible to position ads directly to the people who are most likely to respond, digital marketers are able to see maximum growth for their campaigns.

Trying Out New Ad Types

The interface of Facebook is always changing as new features are added for users, facilitating the development of new ad types for marketers to try out. This rapid evolution is an exciting challenge for marketers, and it keeps customers from becoming blind to advertisements.

Whether you are just starting out with Facebook Ads or you are looking to further your reach, Pennington Creative can become your partner in social media advertising. To explore the services we can offer your company, schedule a discovery call with us or read about our unique approach.

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