Optimizing your clients’ search engine results is one of the most important services your marketing agency can provide for them, since it raises their online prominence and helps them find more business. It’s important, however, to make sure that you’re doing it correctly. If you’re new to SEO, here are some facts you should know.

What is organic SEO?

There are two primary types of search results on the internet: paid and organic. While paid results are essentially advertisements, organic results are simply the results that appear when you type a query into the search bar.

Illustration explaining paid and organic search results.

Rather than being paid for by advertisers, organic results are sorted out by a search engine program that gives higher prominence to pages that are both relevant to the query and of high quality. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that covers any method used to help improve a page’s ranking in search engine results.

How can you improve search engine results?

There are a few basic methods for boosting a website’s search engine ranking. You need to make sure that the content on the site is original and does not replicate content from any other site. Having other quality sites link to your website’s pages will help to establish authority and improve search engine rankings. You should also make sure that your website’s content makes proper use of the keywords and key phrases that search engine programs use to identify relevant pages for search results.

How often should keywords be used?

It’s often assumed that flooding your content with as many keywords as possible will make it more likely to come up in search engine results. In fact, this practice, commonly known as keyword stuffing, may result in your page being penalized.

Illustration explaining the issues with keyword stuffing.

The most important thing to remember is that keywords should be used naturally throughout a page’s headers and content—they shouldn’t be popping up in every sentence or even every other sentence.

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