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Our Crowdfunding Essentials Bundle includes…

Animated Video

As a rule, great crowdfunding campaigns have great videos. When videos get watched and shared, interest in your campaign rises. Our skilled graphic designers can create an original video that will have people buzzing about your project.

Press Release

Press releases are essential for getting out the word about your campaign to important influencers, from local reporters to area bloggers. Our creative team will write a concise and informative press release to announce your project.

Email Marketing

Keeping your backers informed about the status of your campaign is important, especially when you’re getting close to your deadline. We’ll handle your email marketing to ensure that every message your campaign sends out is clear, to the point, and inspiring.

Standard Blog Posts

Our creative team excels at creating well-crafted blog posts that hook readers right from the first sentence. We’ll provide you with the first-rate online content you need to grab your audience’s attention and keep it through the fulfillment of your campaign.

Social Promotion

Taking full advantage of social media is a must for any crowdfunding campaign. Our team will run all of the accounts you can use to promote your campaign, from Twitter to Facebook. Our posts will keep your followers up to date on the progress of your campaign and help to ensure that interest around your project remains high.

Crowdfunding Campaign Help from Start to Finish

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