You’ve hit a milestone and you want to get the news out there to consumers and key players in the industry.

If you’re getting ready to release a new product, open a new branch, or host a business conference, a press release can help you spread the word.

Get a press release delivered to your inbox, ready to share with news outlets and your social media followers.

Pennington Creative offers professional press release writing as part of our online marketing services, and we can provide a comprehensive press release that highlights your new product, service, or event. Our writers have worked with many different types and sizes of businesses, creating unique content that details a wide variety of products and services. We can create a press release for your announcement, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.

Agency Press Release Solutions

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When to Use a Press Release

Press releases are particularly useful for announcing major changes to your product lineup or business operations. Here are a few examples of announcements that you can publicize with a press release:

● Business rebrand
● New store or office opening
● Product launch
● Changes to executive staff
● Business event
● Partnership or ownership changes
● New service offering

The Importance of Press Releases

How can a press release help you? Without one, you may miss out on opportunities to generate buzz about your business. A well-crafted press release will explain exactly what your news is and why it should matter to your customers. A press release can also provide a chance to boost your brand awareness and draw in new potential customers. You can share your press release with media sources to ensure that they have an accurate and comprehensive description of your business and the announcement that you are ready to make.

How Pennington Creative Can Help

By relying on Pennington Creative to create your custom press release, you can free up time and resources at your company to focus on your new offering or change in business operations. Your press release will be ready to share across public relations websites, business newsletters, and social media accounts so you can inform new and existing customers about your exciting news.