Accelerate Your On Page SEO Strategy with Onsite SEO Driven by Keyword Research

Let’s say your client has a website that’s functional and looks great but just isn’t ranking where it needs to in search. If this is the case, the issue probably comes down to keyword usage and on page optimization with features like image alt tags, meta-descriptions, and internal links. Onsite SEO informed by a customized keyword research report can help boost key pages on your client’s site, so they can be seen in organic search results.

How Keyword Research Works

Keyword research using Google Analytics and Google Search Console is an essential component of onsite SEO because it provides an outline of which terms related to your client’s products and services people are actually searching for on the web. Our keyword research reports include a page by page breakdown of target keywords and auxiliary keywords to incorporate into page content. These reports also include blog post suggestions and general site improvement suggestions to fuel ongoing SEO efforts.

Putting Target Keywords to Use

Armed with a keyword research report, our team will revamp website content and fill in the gaps with meta-data, image alt tags, and other key page features. This work will be done on our white label On Page Recommendations form, which is easily sharable for client review and approval. Once content and page updates are approved, we implement them in WordPress. If existing page content is on the shorter side, our content writers will expand on it to reach an optimal page length. We do all the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is share the updates with your client and watch their search rankings improve!

Our Onsite SEO Process

Onsite SEO is a one-off project that will optimize target pages on a client’s website. However, keyword research reports can continue to benefit your client, serving as the basis for new blog content, technical SEO improvements, and new website copy.

To kick off onsite SEO, you’ll need to have Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and WordPress login info available. We provide a simple client intake form that goes over what your client does, what sets them apart, and what their marketing goals are. You’ll meet with the client to fill out this form and then send it to us along with a completed Account Access form, so we can begin keyword research. We’ll share a completed keyword research report with you, which you can then review with the client. Then, we’ll be ready to make our onsite page recommendations. Once everything is approved, we’ll implement the necessary changes on the site. 

Are you ready to get started with keyword research and on page SEO? Order online or schedule a strategy call with Pennington Creative today to get started!