Social Media Management You Don’t Need to Think Twice About

The average person spends several hours per day browsing the web, and a good chunk of that time is spent on social media sites. Therefore, organic social media management is essential for building your clients’ visibility and brand engagement online. However, posting on social media can be a time-consuming process if you want to make an impact. If you aren’t publishing posts at least once weekly on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your clients aren’t likely to see results from your efforts. 

Pennington Creative can take social media management off your plate with managed posting calendars and direct scheduling.

Plug and Play Social Post Packs

Social media post packs cover one month of content on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Posts are tailored to each platform and created with your clients’ content goals and brand image in mind. 

  • Facebook –Facebook post packs include 2 posts/week with a fully managed posting calendar, including images or customized graphics. 
  • Twitter –Tweet packs include 30 tweets with relevant, trending hashtags. 
  • Google –GBP post packs include 4 posts up to 1500 characters each and compelling calls to action to drive traffic to a client’s website, promote special offers, or boost awareness for upcoming events. Images are included for an additional fee.

Full Monthly Management

Want to keep social media management off your plate entirely? Add our full monthly management service to include scheduling directly from your client’s profile.

Our Process

To kick off organic social media management, you’ll host an onboarding meeting with your client to complete our intake form. This form is designed to provide a full brand overview, a focus on your client’s goals, and provide our copywriters with the info and resources they need to create posts tailor-made for your client. When you send over the intake form, we’ll get started on the posting calendar with a full month of posts for your client’s preferred platforms. Before we publish, we’ll send the calendar to you to review with your client and make any changes requested. We recommend ongoing monthly posting to continue driving engagement on your client’s social media pages.

Free up your schedule and keep your clients top of mind with their target audiences with Pennington Creative. Learn more about our process or get the ball rolling with organic social media management by scheduling a quick strategy call today, or simply order online.