Here’s a riddle: What’s the first thing a person sees before he or she clicks on the link to your website from a page of search results? The answer, of course, is the title tag. As this video explains, your title tag has an important role to play in any optimization strategy you pursue, since it’s one of the key factors affecting how search rankings translate into actual traffic for your website. Here are some tips that may help you get better results from your title tags:

Use Numbers

You don’t have to be good at math to love numbers. As a rule, headlines and titles with numbers in them tend to get a lot of traction, so numbers should be included in titles when applicable and appropriate. Think of the difference between these two headlines: “5 Things You Don’t Know About Jury Duty” and “A Look at Some Little-Known Facts About Jury Duty.” Aren’t you more intrigued by the first headline? The specificity of numbers appeals to our brains and prompts us to click to find out what those 5 things are.

Keep It Short

If your title tag is too long, it’s not likely to scan easily and won’t be as likely to get clicks. However, don’t go too far in the other direction and use a title tag that consists of only one or two words—that won’t be helpful, either. As this video explains, the best length for a title tag is usually about 50-60 characters.

Include Action Words

Including action words in a title tag is a good way to attract internet users’ attention, since it promises that they’ll get to do something after they click the link. “Watch,” “download,” “access,” “search,” and “buy” are all great action words to incorporate into your title tags.

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Justyn - Digital Marketing Manager, Special Projects
Justyn Dillingham

Digital Marketing Manager, Special Projects