When it comes to marketing, effective communication is key. That’s why video has come to play such a key role in online marketing, becoming an important element in nearly every successful business’s branding and promotion strategy. Here’s a brief look at how videos have changed the marketing landscape—and why they still matter so much.

Where Video Content Came From

While we take video content for granted today, it wasn’t always part of the internet experience. Online videos were harder to come by in the pre-YouTube age, when users were obliged to download videos and watch them using programs like RealPlayer. The advent of YouTube in 2005 changed everything, however—soon, websites were using embeddable videos. Today, nearly 70 percent of all internet users either download or stream video content on a regular basis.

Why Video Content Matters

Online marketing studies consistently show that videos yield the sort of results that businesses want. Websites with videos are more likely to place highly in Google searches, and people who bring up websites with videos are less likely to “bounce”—that is, to look at one page on a site and then leave. Video content makes a page more visually intriguing, so users are more likely to stay and explore. People are also much more likely to link to websites that include videos.

What Makes Video Content Work

The primary reason internet users click on videos is to get information, so it’s no surprise that the most successful online videos are both succinct and informative. People are attracted to informational videos because they are looking for a fast and appealing alternative to skimming through text, so videos that are clear, colorful, and easy to understand are most likely to be popular. Internet users are also less likely to sit through videos that last longer than four minutes, so the briefer and more to-the-point a video is, the better.

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Justyn - Digital Marketing Manager, Special Projects
Justyn Dillingham

Digital Marketing Manager, Special Projects