Custom Web Design Tailored to Your Clients’ Needs

A business’s website is what’s at the heart of their entire digital presence. Therefore, no matter what industry your clients are a part of, they need websites that showcase their services, tell their stories, and represent their brands. Opting for website templates tends to yield lackluster results. Instead, it’s better to start from the ground up with a custom website that truly captures what’s unique about your client’s business. 

If your agency doesn’t have the resources to provide bespoke web design and hosting services, don’t sweat it. Pennington Creative can deliver beautiful, functional, responsive websites, while your agency takes all the credit.

Why Your Clients’ Websites Matter

Websites are the foundation of every digital marketing service. PPC ads, Facebook Ads, social media marketing, and SEO all lead back to your clients’ websites. If a business’s website doesn’t offer current information, isn’t fast and mobile friendly, or only offers a limited view of what the business does, there is little room to grow with other digital marketing assets. It all hinges on a great website.

Website-Architecture-Using the Best Website Structures for SEO and UX

Our Web Process Blueprint

Our web design services follow our web process blueprint, which utilizes a hands-on process for creating custom designs and ensuring client satisfaction. We’ll pin down a design strategy and layout that aligns with overall marketing goals. Design strategies also take your client’s target audience, branding, and aesthetic preferences into account. From here, we’ll provide a homepage mockup and interior page layouts to run by your client for approval. 

Once we have an approved design, we’ll get started on the build with responsive design that allows the finished website to be viewed on desktop and mobile devices with the same exceptional user experience. Because your client’s business may change over time, we’ll ensure that the website is easy to edit and revise site content. 

Every web design project is unique, so we’ll provide a customized quote for your project. Just fill out our short request form to provide insight on the goals of the project, the primary purpose of the site, and the number of pages needed. If your client has an existing website with great copy and simply needs a better design to showcase that content, we can transfer existing copy to the new site. Otherwise, our copywriters can work their magic to provide keyword optimized, engaging content to fill out the site.

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