From its early days as a college networking site, Facebook has evolved to become a social media titan. As it has evolved, Facebook has pioneered innovative features, such as News Feed, Reactions, and Facebook Live. Now, when you scroll through your News Feed, you can find news articles, photos, and videos that have been shared by your friends. In response to the overwhelming popularity of video on their site, Facebook has just announced a brand new Facebook Watch platform. To see what all of the buzz is about, here is a look at how Facebook Watch works.

View Personalized Content

Rather than scrolling through your News Feed to find your favorite videos or channels, you will now be able to store all of your favorite video content under the Facebook Watch tab. When you open the tab, you will be guided to a Discover channel, which will allow you to search for your favorite types of videos. After you find a show or channel that suits your interest, you can save it under your Watchlist, which will store all of your favorite shows.

Find Reliable Content

One of the primary goals of Facebook Watch is to help users gain easier access to the types of shows and videos that they enjoy. To help you navigate the thousands of videos that are streaming through Facebook, the site has created special shows that are crafted around certain stories or themes. Every time you find a show that you enjoy, you can easily save it to your Watchlist so that you can watch future episodes. Using a new algorithm, Facebook has also designed Facebook Watch to guide you toward shows and channels that are getting the most reactions from your friends.

Connect With Your Friends

When you watch content through the new Facebook Watch tab, you can stay connected to your friends through Facebook’s popular comment and reaction features. Taking a cue from Facebook Live, Facebook has enabled live commenting and reactions for all of the content that is being developed for the Facebook Watch tab. Once you find a show that sparks your interest or imagination, you can also invite your friends to participate in a group chat about your favorite content.

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