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Today’s small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have the task of not only creating a strong online presence, but maintaining it. Providing quality content and highlighting it through social media is a great way for all kinds of businesses to find potential new customers and offer excellent customer service. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many of these businesses to keep up with the demands of having an active online presence. Therefore, they turn to agencies (like you!) that can provide the services for them. Yet, your agency may not offer a full suite of the services your clients want. Pennington Creative can fill in the gaps with white label content marketing. We provide custom copy, social media assistance, and design services for agencies, allowing you to focus on other aspects of helping your clients succeed.

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Help Your Clients Build Their Brands

Your clients need quality content to put on their websites and social media accounts. However, they may not have the time or resources to create this content themselves. That’s likely part of the reason why they hired your agency. But your employees already have the responsibilities of creating and managing accounts and dealing directly with business owners. That’s where we come in with white label content marketing solutions. Our team of experienced content writers, editors, and graphic designers will create unique blogs, social media posts, and other types of custom content for your clients. By working with us, your agency will have more tools that can help your clients succeed. Additionally, by working with your agency, your clients will get the quality content that can help them build a strong online presence without having to worry about taking time away from other important responsibilities.

White Label Products

  • Well-researched and unique blog content featuring relevant keywords that can help improve search engine results.
  • Custom onsite content to inform site visitors of your products and services.
  • Regular updates for social media accounts to help maintain an active and engaging social presence.
  • Press releases, product descriptions, and other original marketing materials to promote products, services, specials, and more.
  • Attractive logos, infographics, and other custom graphics to enhance brand identity.
  • Website audits, including strategies for improving and maintaining a quality web presence.

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How We Help Your Clients Stand Out

  • Every business can benefit from having an in-house content team, but not every business has the resources to maintain one. We can give your agency the services of an in-house content marketing team without the stress associated with hiring and managing a new group of employees.
  • We know how important quality control is for every company, which is why we only employ talented, creative, and experienced writers, editors, graphic designers, and marketing specialists. As a result, we provide first-rate, original content that can educate readers about your clients’ products and services, potentially encouraging them to become customers.
  • As a bonus, you can offer our entire library of services—under your name—to any of your present and future clients, turning your company into a full-service agency.