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How an eBook Can Help Your Business

eBooks have rapidly become integral to many business’ online marketing strategies. According to the Content Marketing Institute, business eBooks rank at the top of the list of content marketing methods—higher than either videos or newsletters. These are just some of the reasons why eBooks are such a powerful marketing tool:

  • eBooks are versatile. An eBook can take almost any form you want it to; it can include graphics, charts, colorful text, and even audio and video files. Your eBook can be either succinct and to-the-point or in-depth and detailed. It can include everything from do-it-yourself guides to interviews with industry professionals.
  • eBooks can be practical. The best business eBooks aren’t merely marketing tools; they’re practical resources that customers can use and refer back to. They shouldn’t simply include readily available information that clients can find anywhere—they should offer something useful.
  • eBooks generate website traffic. As a rule, better content means better business. If you can provide your customers with an eBook that will be useful to them, they’ll be more likely to return to your website. Best of all, every time your customers have reason to look at your eBook, they’ll think of your business.

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What Makes an Effective eBook?

The market is already flooded with business eBooks. So, it’s important to make sure that yours stands out from the pack. When readers open your eBook, these are the qualities they will expect to find:

Clarity and concision. The best business eBooks are tightly and professionally written. Instead of rambling, they get right to the point. Business owners and potential customers don’t have time to waste; they’re looking to get their questions answered right now—and your eBook needs to deliver.

Accessibility. A good business eBook should be informative. It should also deliver a lot of new information for readers. The writing should flow smoothly, difficult concepts should be explained clearly, and technical information should be placed in appendices or information boxes for quick and easy reference.

Professional design. eBooks are visual objects, and their appearance matters. Charts and illustrations should be well-designed and easy to understand. Additionally, fonts should be large enough to read easily. Finally, pages should be clean with graphics to break up the text.

Best of all, an eBook doesn’t require a publisher or even an e-reader—you can offer it directly to your clients through your website or via email. At Pennington Creative, we offer eBook services and can help you create a useful eBook to distribute to your potential customers. Our dedicated writers will be happy to craft your customized eBook to your specifications, delivering a final product you can be proud to show your customers.

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