Marketing is essential to any business. However, sometimes the money to invest in advertising just isn’t there—especially in small businesses with limited resources. You may know what type of marketing help you need to improve your inbound marketing efforts and see more new and returning customers. But, if you don’t have enough staff in your marketing, you can’t make it happen. This frustrating situation can have you assigning marketing tasks to employees who are not necessarily qualified to do them. Or worse, you’ll simply sacrificing elements of an effective SEO campaign.

Pennington Creative can offer a better solution by bringing a talented team to your marketing department. This comes without the cost or hassle of hiring a single employee. Our content marketing services are designed to fit in with existing marketing strategies, filling the gaps in your current plan and allowing attainable growth for the future.

Ramp Up Content Without New Hires

To hire new writers, social media managers, and other content marketing specialists, you must account for several new costs. These include the expenses of onboarding employees, managing a growing team, and providing a salary and benefits to team members. Additionally, you must invest in vetting and training employees to match the style and format you’re looking for. So, it can be months before you see any real marketing progress from your new hires. Pennington Creative can expedite the process and save you money, since our team is already trained and experienced, and thus prepared to adapt to your unique content strategy. If your marketing department is looking to incorporate any of the below elements into your advertising efforts, we are ready to help.

Avoid Headaches with Freelancers

If you’ve ever tried using freelance writers and designers to provide marketing help on content production, you may be hesitant to enlist outside help for your team. We get it. Freelancers can be unreliable and lacking the talents you need. Additionally, it’s hard to tell what you’ll end up with until the finished product is delivered. We offer an approach that removes that guesswork by employing a team of full-time writers, designers, and social media experts. You can trust that we will bring the skills you need to every project. Furthermore, we will let you know if something is out of our wheelhouse. You’ll also have the peace of mind of transparent pricing and scheduling, because we want to become your partner in marketing, growing with your business over time.

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One of the essential points of any SEO campaign is regularly posting content. Web content often comes in the form of blog posts. While many businesses try to maintain their own blogs using their current staff, this approach often fails. That’s because blogging is treated as an afterthought. Posts may be disconnected and uninformative, and it can become easy to fall off a regular schedule, leaving longer and longer periods between updates. The writers at Pennington Creative will take a much more thoughtful approach to your blog, starting with a cohesive editorial calendar that aligns with your marketing goals. Our marketing help can go great lengths in boosting your web presence.

Social Posts

You might regularly post updates about your business on Twitter and Facebook. However, does your team have the time to research and reach out to potential influencers, utilize trending hashtags, and create an effective voice for your social presence? With our plug-and-play social posts, you will see custom posts delivered to your inbox. So, all you have to do is copy and paste for increased engagement with your social accounts.

Press Releases

If you have an announcement to make about a new product, a company event, or a promotional offer, a press release can help you get the word out. Press releases are designed to alert members of the media about your announcement. They should offer just enough enough information to write a short article without being overwhelming. If your marketing team doesn’t have the time or experience to reliably craft effective press releases, Pennington Creative can handle this task for you.

Email Marketing

Like blogging, email marketing is only effective when it has sufficient time and research dedicated to it. If you are trying to maintain a newsletter or other email campaign, you’ll need interesting, funny, or otherwise thought-provoking content to entice readers. You will also need an email marketing team that understands the best practices for this type of marketing, since unsolicited or spammy emails can do even more harm than good. Letting Pennington Creative take the wheel with your email marketing can help you focus efforts on the bigger picture of your company’s marketing approach, rather than getting bogged down in the details.


Written content can go far. However, to truly catch the attention of new audiences, you should have a visual marketing strategy as well. Visual marketing can include infographics, charts and graphs, custom images, illustrated guides, and animated videos. Our team is able to offer each of these elements to your marketing department.