Online Marketing Solutions for Academic Institutions

In today’s highly competitive educational environment, the greatest challenge most institutions face is bringing in new faces. Building and maintaining a good online presence should be at the center of your marketing strategies for student recruitment. Pennington Creative’s team of creative content marketing specialists can help you attract students with terrific content, provided to your institution in a unique bundle that is shaped to meet your particular needs. Our arsenal of online resources includes:

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Onsite Content

The permanent content on your website needs to be appealing to students and parents alike. We’ll provide you with the informative and engaging copy you’re looking for to show off your institution’s finest qualities.

Social Media Assistance

Smart use of social media is a must for effective marketing, and it’s especially important for appealing to students. Our team can run all of your social media accounts, interact with readers, and connect with influencers who can boost your reputation.

Animated Videos

Every instructor knows that it’s challenging to keep a student audience’s attention—and that everybody in the room perks up when it’s time for a video. Our beautifully crafted online videos can put a unique spin on your institution’s appeal, and they’re great for sharing on your social media accounts.


The content marketing team at Pennington Creative brings years of collective experience in writing and graphics to every new project. Our writers come from a wide range of backgrounds, and they are fully equipped to provide your school with quality content written with authority and confidence. Some of the topics we can tackle include:

  • Preparing an effective application for college.
  • Developing smart study habits for success in school.
  • How students’ attention spans change from kindergarten to college.
  • The Montessori Method and how it is used.
  • Summer activities that can enrich a student’s education.

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Every institution’s needs are different, and require a special approach. When you contact Pennington Creative, we’ll create a customized package of our online marketing services for your institution, ensuring that your online presence is as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible. You can view answers to frequently asked question about higher education here.