In a world where many internet users are turned off by invasive advertisements such as pop-up ads, attracting new customers has become more challenging than ever. According to a recent survey, most businesses identify their two greatest marketing challenges as generating new leads and proving ROI for their advertising efforts. Inbound marketing—specifically inbound lead generation—provides a solution to both issues. It helps you find new customers while allowing you to measure the success rate of your marketing campaign through analytics.

When most internet users do a Google search, they pay attention to the search results—not the paid ads that accompany them. For all too many businesses, their online promotional campaigns begin and end with outbound marketing techniques, which depend on finding customers and trying to catch their attention. There is, however, a subtler way to promote your business that can yield better results in the long run.

Inbound marketing embraces a more holistic approach to online promotion. It works by getting customers to reach out to your business, rather than you reaching out to them. Instead of targeting individual customers and hoping some of them will be intrigued enough by your advertisements to engage with you, inbound marketing aims to make your business appealing and approachable so that you’ll attract as many new customers as possible. A 2011 study found that businesses that rely on inbound lead generation are spending 62% less for each lead as businesses that rely on outbound marketing techniques.

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Theresearch showsthat most internet users will find your business by using an online search engine. So, how do you ensure that your company’s name pops up as soon as possible in the search results for your industry and location? Strong, professional-quality writing is essential to establishing your company’s credibility. Search engines are more discerning than ever, so you need to use keywords and key phrases in a subtle way to ensure positive results. Addititonally, blogging is important for establishing a voice for your company. By blogging about subjects of interest to your industry, you’ll attract the attention of potential customers who might have never bothered to read an email from you. A recentstudyfound that companies that blog regularly get as much as 67% more new business than companies that don’t.  

Social Media

Social media platforms provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to promote your company’s brand and engage directly with new customers. By keeping up active profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and otherpopular venues, you can build a social media following and keep your loyal audience up to date about your company’s latest developments. Furthermore, these platforms let your audience feel more involved in your company than a pop-up ad ever could.


Professional quality graphics can enhance your promotional efforts in a truly unique way. From infographics to email newsletters to animated videos, visuals are the perfect way to deliver an information-packed message in a format that is both engaging and accessible. Adding visual content to your website is also good for your search engine rankings. Additionally, it will break up the text on your site and make it more visually appealing. A single memorable image can capture a customer’s attention in a way that can make all the difference for your promotional campaign.
A customized approach to your online marketing efforts—embracing smart SEO strategy, greater social media engagement, and regular blogging—can work wonders for your company. The team at Tucson’s own Pennington Creative will work with you to develop an original promotional campaign that will give your company a unique voice and an effective online presence.