Tap your target audience with lead generation tools like downloadable eGuides.

Downloadable content is one of many lead generation tools to consider for your business. It serves as an added resource on your website to provide customers with in-depth information related to your industry. It also gives potential customers a reason to click and provide information like an email address or completion of a short survey. eGuides are the perfect incentive to probe site visitors for information that assists in your marketing campaign. They are informative yet more easily digestible than white papers, so customers can learn more without getting bored along the way.

Build brand loyalty among your clients by offering a free, custom eGuide on your site.
Like white papers, eGuides will serve as an authoritative reference for customers, but they are set apart by an easily digestible format and custom graphics. In addition, eGuides can be tailored to potential clients, offering valuable information without the sales pitch.

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eGuide Basics

A strong eGuide will not overwhelm its readers. It should be no more than five pages in length, and it must also have an easily navigable layout with eye-catching graphics to keep readers engaged. An eGuide should hone in on a given topic, offering specifics rather than a general overview. Statistics, case studies, and testimonials can all support the thesis of your eGuide, which should blend technical terms and industry authority with an approachable layout and clear, concise language.

Choosing a Focus

Pennington Creative can assist you in selecting the perfect topic to generate leads with your eGuide. Ideally, eGuides will supplement existing content on your site and offer information that will remain relevant for years to come. They might propose a solution to a common problem. Alternatively, they might provide instructions and tips for a DIY project. Or they may present an argument to persuade readers. eGuides can also serve as customer-facing resources for a product launch or special event. Determining the goals of your eGuide can point you toward the right topic to represent your business. Don’t hesitate to choose a highly technical or complex topic. Our talented team can achieve the perfect balance between readability and descriptiveness. Sprinkling in custom graphics for a visually appealing layout also helps to engage readers for a lasting impression.

Why Our Approach Works

Successful eGuides share some common traits:

  • eGuides offer evergreen content that will remain relevant to your business and your potential readers.
  • They are not sales driven. eGuides might indirectly promote future sales, but they should be designed as free, informative resources accessible to all of your customers.
  • eGuides are professionally written with an engaging yet informative tone that keeps readers interested and left with a better understanding of a given subject.
  • eGuides feature an easily-digestible format with eye-catching organizational graphics and images.

When you choose Pennington Creative to develop eGuides and other downloadable content, you are gaining the insight of an experienced team of researchers and writers. Our eGuides are built on a foundation of real research and in-depth analysis. Our writers bring facts and figures discovered through this research to life with compelling yet easily understandable language. Finally, our design team offers the finishing touches, creating a professional look that jumps off the page and quickly draws readers in. Though the focus of your eGuide will not be direct sales, we will ensure that your brand message is reflected throughout the guide to effectively promote your business.