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You only get one first impression. Poor graphic design for a logo or marketing materials can turn potential customers away. Trying to create your own images and infographics may result in materials that look amateur, rather than professional.

Pennington Creative has a team of skilled graphic designers with years of experience creating unique and professional images for a wide range of businesses. Whether you need a logo, want to spread data with an infographic, or are looking for other visual ways to stand out to customers, we can help!

Without graphic design, your website would be little more than words on a page. Stock photos and design templates can give you a baseline for your web design. However, you should not overlook the potential benefits of custom design. Hiring an in-house designer can be cost prohibitive. Fortunately, you can achieve the same—or even higher—quality results by seeking custom design services from Pennington Creative’s established team of graphic designers. Once you begin working with us, you can unlock a world of opportunities in branding and marketing with a distinctive image.

What Design Can Do for Your Brand

Through custom design, you can steer away from a generic approach. Therefore, you’ll stand out among a seemingly endless sea of competitors. You can build a cohesive image for your brand with consistent design throughout your website, infographics, animated videos, and newsletter template. When you invest in graphics to pair with your written content, you can also see benefits with your search engine rankings. Search engine algorithms favor media-rich content. Furthermore, readers may spend more time engaging with your site when it is enhanced by images and distinctive graphics.

Custom Design Services

Design trends are always changing, but exceptional graphic design will always attract the eyes of potential customers. Here is a closer look at some of the platforms where you can display stunning, attention-grabbing visuals that represent your brand:

  • Infographics –Infographics display facts and statistics through images, graphs, and illustrations. Over the years, the popularity of infographics has only increased, because this type of media is highly shareable and memorable. In fact, the human brain is actually hardwired to process visual input, so an infographic is a natural choice for content marketing. Animated infographics create an even more engaging image with moving parts to guide the viewer toward the most pertinent information.
  • Animated Videos –While videos require a higher investment in time and resources than written content, they also offer much wider appeal. You can have the best of both worlds when you pursue a marketing strategy that includes both monthly blog content and an animation for your website.
  • Email Marketing –Newsletters provide great opportunities to reach out to customers, but they need to feature templates with stunning designs and easily digestible layouts. By working with our full-service content marketing company, you can take a hands-off approach to your newsletter marketing campaign.
  • Print Marketing –Even in the age of digital marketing, printed brochures and handouts can still be valuable for your local marketing efforts. Just like web pages, printed materials will need a distinctive format and edgy graphics to create an effective message that customers will remember.
  • Custom Projects– While infographics, printed materials, and animated videos are all excellent options for improving your business’ reach, you may still have some areas of your online marketing campaign that are lacking—this is where custom graphics come in. You can commission social media profile images, ad materials, blog graphics, and more that coordinate with your website design and other marketing materials.

Whether you are seeking ongoing graphic design services or a single custom graphic to boost a short-term campaign, don’t compromise with an inexperienced, cut-rate designer. Choosing to work with the pros at Pennington Creative will ensure a great finished product that delivers results.

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