Home Improvement Content Marketing Solutions

When most people visit a home improvement website, they are looking for content that is direct, readable, and useful. The best advertising for home improvement contractors fits all of those definitions. If you’re a home improvement contractor looking for online marketing inspiration, Pennington Creative can arm you with the advertising ideas you need to build a great reputation and start growing your audience. Our team can provide creative that covers topics such as:

  • Home remodeling projects for a variety of budgets.
  • Buying older homes and bringing them up to date.
  • Picking out replacement windows and doors.
  • How to qualify as an ENERGY STAR certified home.
  • The latest kitchen remodel trends.

One of the advantages of working with Pennington Creative is that we tailor every online package to meet our clients’ individual needs. When you contact our content marketing team, we will put together a special bundle of features that will help you achieve an effective online presence. We’ll use the resources that are best suited to your company’s services, such as:

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A regularly updated blog can enhance your website in a number of ways. Our standard blogs are short, snappy, and informative—which makes them a perfect fit for your site’s visitors, who will be looking for compact and practical guides to whatever home improvement projects they are interested in.

eGuides & eBooks

Home improvement is a detail-oriented field, and many projects deserve a more in-depth treatment than a blog or a webpage can provide. eGuides and eBooks allow our writers to explore certain subjects at length, which means you’ll have a professional-quality downloadable guide you can offer to your customers.

Custom Design Services

A picture sometimes speaks louder than an entire page of text—and that’s especially true for home improvement. Animated videos, infographics, and illustrations can effectively communicate the nature of a project, with as many details as desired. Our graphics team can provide you with visual content that is sure to catch the attention of potential customers.