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There’s no way around it, your small business needs a website in 2021. Even brick and mortar stores need a well designed website to attract customers and raise awareness on the web. Pennington Creative’s team of savvy website designers can build you an incredible business website from the ground up.

Why Does Your Small Business Need A Website?

You want your business to exist where people spend the most time: online. Your company website allows customers to find out more about you without having to visit your store. Consumers will use your website to browse through products, learn more about your values and hours of operation, and to contact you with any questions.

A speedy, attractive, and SEO-Optimized website is your key for connecting with people and turning visitors into customers.

What Makes A Successful Business Website?

Anyone can have a website, but there are some elements that will elevate your business’s site from average to incredible. Below are some of the components that make a successful website:

  • Each page is optimized for search engines.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Speedy load times
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Consistent brand voice throughout
  • Eye-catching colors, infographics, and photos

How Pennington Creative Can Help

We will work with you to build the website of your dreams. We believe every company’s website should be unique and tailored to your brand. We cringe at the word “generic”. We will work with you to understand your business, what you sell, and what you stand for.

Once we learn more about your business, we will work with you each step of the way to build a website you’re proud of. We can help you build a responsive, beautiful website, optimize it for SEO, and design for you an incredible company logo.

We also offer landing page services. If you have a campaign coming up that you want to showcase as its own landing page, we can make that for you. We’ll create a compelling landing page full of beautiful images and pulitzer-worthy copy. We’ll also track its success on Google Analytics and report back to you how the page did.

We wear a lot of hats here at Pennington Creative, and we look good doing it. Schedule a discovery call today to chat with us about your vision for your website.