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Website visitors want to see your business on social media. They turn to social media to learn about products and services, voice concerns, or even complain. Businesses that aren’t using social media aren’t reaching as many customers as they could. Even if your business has social media profiles, you might not have any content to publish on them. So, you might turn to a content provider like Pennington Creative for social media marketing services. 

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Social media is essential in the modern business world. Unfortunately, maintaining active social media accounts can take up a lot of your time. Instead of sacrificing time or quality of content, let Pennington Creative take over with our social media marketing services. Our social media experts will carefully inspect your website, products, and services. Subsequently, we’ll determine the best type of voice for your social media posts. We can create unique Facebook and Twitter posts to highlight your products, services, infographics, and blogs—driving more people to your website.

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Using Social Media to Boost Business

It is a good idea to experiment with multiple types of social media marketing services. However, it is most important for businesses to get started with a Facebook page and Twitter account. Both of these websites allow users to post text, images, and videos—unlike other forms of social media that specialize in one or two posting styles.

  • Facebook has been online since 2004. It currently has more than 1.55 billion active users, making it one of the most well-known and popular social media platforms.
  • Twitter is another social media website that is popular among users and businesses. It has been around since 2006 and boasts more than 320 million active users.

Modern website viewers and customers commonly turn to social media instead of using other ways to contact businesses. That’s why your business should work hard on maintaining active social media accounts.

Finding Influencers

Identifying and reaching out to social media influencers is an important part of social media marketing services. Influencers are accounts that have a high number of followers and the power to influence the online browsing and shopping habits of these followers. The top influencers for your business will depend on your industry. They can include associations, magazines, celebrities, and popular bloggers.

  • Connecting with influencers can help you reach a broader audience and gain more credibility.
  • It is essential to research top influencers in your industry to take advantage of online sharing.
  • You will need to provide quality content if you want influencers to share it with their followers and fans.

Our Approach

A good social media strategy can be a highly beneficial way to market your business. Your employees are busy helping you run your business, so they may not have the time needed to maintain a successful social media presence. Our team in Tucson can take care of many social media marketing needs for your business, making it easier to keep up with trends and build your online reputation.

  • Our graphic designers can create custom infographics based on well-researched outlines created by our experienced copywriters and edited by our trained copyeditors. These infographics are perfect for sharing.
  • If you want to make your social media posts more interesting, including a custom graphic or animation is a great option. The graphic design team at Pennington Creative offers custom design services that will help you make your social media posts stand out.
  • Our social media copywriters can create a set of custom Tweets and Facebook posts to promote your new infographic, blog post, or other content piece. The majority of these social media posts will reach out to influencers, encouraging them to share the content. These social media posts will also feature researched hashtags that are relevant to your business and designed to help you gain more exposure.

Social Media by the Numbers

Social Media by the Numbers

Every business should strive to maintain an attractive and user-friendly website, but that is not the only way to reach customers online. Today’s businesses should take advantage of social media platforms that make it easier than ever to interact with current customers as well as potential ones. Social media marketing also allows businesses to connect with influencers in their industry, giving them a chance to become more visible to potential customers.