Downloadable content can offer something extra for your site visitors. Downloadables like eGuides and eBooks provide more in-depth information on a given subject, and they usually feature a professional layout and custom graphics to keep readers’ attention. Additionally, downloadable content provides you with a chance to learn more about your site visitors. For example, you might have users enter an email address before downloading your eBook. This then provides the opportunity to reach out with an email marketing campaign for further engagement. Pennington Creative can help you design the right downloadable content for your business. We can also design a landing page for your downloadable that gets readers’ attention, so you get more clicks.

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Consider providing eGuides to site visitors as part of your digital marketing strategy. These downloadable pieces are brief, yet highly informative and useful documents that can help to establish your business’ authority in your industry and help potential customers discover why they should use your products or services. However, in order to be effective, these guides must feature exemplary writing and a technical tone—this is where Pennington Creative can help. Our team of writers and editors can craft a a downloadable guide for your business that is relevant, authoritative, and useful to readers.


If you are looking for a way to engage existing and potential customers while demonstrating your business’ knowledge and experience in your field, offering an eBook is a great option. However, creating a well-written eBook takes significant time, and relying on yourself or your employees to write one can reduce your business’ overall productivity. This is where Pennington Creative can help; our team of experienced copywriters, editors, and graphic designers can create an eBook for your business that offers usable information to readers without just being a long sales pitch. This can help you generate trust and interest among website visitors, boosting your business’ online reputation and visibility.