Content Marketing for the Automotive Industry

When you’re working on your car dealership’s website, your top priority should be finding first-rate content to bring in new customers. All of the content published under your name should be professional, accessible, and written from an experienced and knowledgeable perspective. Our content marketing team in Tucson has crafted effective marketing solutions for car dealerships covering numerous topics, including:

  • The latest vehicles from Ford, Tesla, Nissan, and today’s other leading manufacturers.
  • How fuel efficiency standards have changed the way cars are designed.
  • The different methods of financing a car.
  • Routine maintenance tasks, from oil changes to fluid checks, that every car owner should know about.
  • What it means to be ASE-certified to work on a vehicle.

Every car dealership wants to build a strong reputation in its area—but most dealerships are facing a lot of competition. If you’re trying to think of new and better marketing strategies for your dealership, Pennington Creative can help you develop an online presence that will both help increase car sales and establish your reputation. To have an online presence that will actually draw customers, you can draw on any of the many services we provide, such as:

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Onsite Content

Your website’s job is to provide customers with the compact and easily-findable details about your dealership, your financing options, and your inventory. Our team will give you permanent content for your site that will provide you with an engaging and effective center for your online presence.


Our carefully crafted infographics deliver important information with a punch. The original infographics created by our graphics team are as eye-catching as they are enlightening, which makes them great for sharing on social media.

Enhanced Blog Posts

With a longer word count than our standard blogs, and the addition of customized graphics, our enhanced blog posts are designed to appeal to both readers and search engines, ensuring that your readership stays as wide as possible.

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The secret to selling cars is to provide your customers with the information they need to make the right buying decisions. Pennington Creative can build a bundle of our best services for your dealership, ensuring that you always have the tools you need to reach the audience you want.