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You don’t need a huge ad budget to get results from paid advertising. What you do need is high-quality, engaging ads and someone to monitor their progress. That’s where we come in. Pennington Creative’s paid advertising service helps you launch, monitor, and get the most leads possible with your Google and Facebook ads.

About Google Ads

Google Ads are Pay Per Click (PPC) ads that appear in Google search results. Google Ads allow you to reach customers who are searching for your product or service online. They also allow you to target people based on location, so you can bring people into your business with Local SEO techniques. We’ll take the guesswork out of Google Ads for you by attracting customers with compelling copy, and sending them to the right pages of your website to generate sales.

About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads let you reach your audience where they hang out most: on social media. Facebook Ads allow you to target customers based on their interests. Since Facebook Ads appear on the news feeds of potential customers, it’s imperative that you create visually appealing, snappy ads that make users want to click. Our team is full of internet experts and social media-savvy marketers that will optimize your Facebook Ads to bring you the highest ROI possible.

Daily Monitoring

We understand running a small business is time consuming. We’ll take “keeping track of ads” off your to-do list. We will monitor your Google and Facebook ads on a daily basis. This means we can respond on the fly to how customers are interacting with your ads and make any changes needed in real-time.

Dedicated Account Manager

With our paid advertising service, we will appoint a dedicated account manager to oversee your Facebook and Google ads. This manager will write compelling ads and oversee their progress from start to finish. This is your point person who you can contact at any time for questions on your campaign performance.

Monthly Reporting

Every month we’ll deliver what you’re most interested in: results. With our monthly reporting service, we’ll show you how your business is growing through your Google and Facebook ads. We’ll give you the rundown on how each campaign performed, along with details on how we’ll continue to optimize your campaigns month over month.

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