Connecting with consumers through blogs, social media, and other online content is essential for many modern businesses. However, posting generic content with no personality is likely to turn readers away, rather than encouraging them to become loyal customers. Finding your company’s voice and utilizing it well can enhance your online content and help your business form solid connections with your customer base. Continue reading to learn a few tips for discovering your company’s voice.

Think About What Makes Your Company Unique

In order to find your company’s voice, you need to consider what makes your business truly special. Think beyond your products and services—instead, consider your company’s culture. How do your employees bond as a team? How do you interact with your customers to ensure they’ll keep coming back? Evaluating these different aspects of your company culture will help you determine how your team expresses your business’ voice in everyday interactions. One fun exercise to try out is to ask your team members to choose a celebrity that embodies your business’ personality—for Pennington Creative, that celebrity is the quirky yet informative Alton Brown. Once you have considered the character traits of your business, you can begin to define its unique voice and apply this to your online content.

Determine Guidelines for Different Applications

While the overall character of your company’s voice should be consistent across your content, you may want to consider adjusting the tone for different applications. In other words, your company’s values and goals should always shine through, but don’t be afraid to make some of your content more casual and approachable. For instance, you may want to keep your business’ website copy fairly simple and straightforward, but incorporate a more conversational tone into your social media posts. Make a list of the different places where you will be posting content online, and determine what specific guidelines your team should follow to convey your company’s voice on each one.

Be Willing to Analyze and Update Over Time

Your employees will come and go, you may eventually update or even move your office, and your product offerings will evolve to fit your customers’ needs. As your company changes with time, so should its voice. Don’t be afraid to periodically reevaluate your company’s culture and how it has changed, especially during major transitions such as relocations, new product debuts, and even rebrandings. This will allow you to keep your company’s voice authentic and relevant, helping to keep your online visitors interested and engaged.

Do you need help developing your company’s voice and online presence? Let Pennington Creative guide you through this process. Our team of talented writers, designers, and social media whizzes can provide the high-quality content you need to let your business’ unique personality shine through.

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