Did you play any pranks this April Fools’ Day? Individuals aren’t the only ones who get in on the fun—businesses plan pranks for this holiday, too! Check out this list of some of our favorite 2017 April Fools’ Day jokes from a few popular companies:

SmartThings Emotion Sensor

SmartThings may be famous for home automation, but the company also tried stepping into the world of pet care this year—at least for April Fools’ Day. This tech company took to Facebook to advertise the SmartThings Emotion Sensor, a new tool to help you stay in tune with your pet’s emotions. The Emotion Sensor might be a joke, but SmartThings has plenty of other cool gadgets to help you upgrade your home!

Netflix LIVE!

Will Arnett can do anything, even make copy machines exciting! Netflix is known for coming up with fun and wacky pranks for April Fools’ Day, and 2017 was no exception. Netflix LIVE! featured Will Arnett’s master commentary on a variety of objects, including copy machines and microwaves. Netflix LIVE! has been canceled, but we can’t wait to see what Netflix comes up with next year.

Google Maps Collides with Ms. Pac-Man

Sometimes, while you’re hurrying to get where you’re going, you might feel a sudden urge to play Ms. Pac-Man. In this case, Google Maps’ 2017 April Fools’ prank is perfect! If you used Google Maps on April 1st, then you may have noticed a pink button on the right side of your screen. Pressing this button took you to a Ms. Pac-Man game, where you could waste some time playing this classic instead of worrying about getting to your next destination.

Burger King’s Whopper Toothpaste

You eat a burger, you brush your teeth, and suddenly you don’t have burger breath anymore—but what if you want burger breath? Burger King tackled this problem head-on with their Whopper-flavored toothpaste prank for April Fools’ Day. A tasty burger combined with good dental hygiene habits—what more could you want?

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