When it comes to blogging, it can be difficult to decide exactly what the rules are. This holds especially true for small businesses that have just jumped into the world of blogging. A reckless approach to blogging can end up doing more harm than good to your company. Fortunately, it’s easy to do business blogging the right way—as long as you know what practices you should steer clear of.

Illustration of a man holding a sign: your blog shouldn't read like an advertisement.

As with other types of content marketing, blogging is designed to capture readers’ interest by providing them with genuine content—not simply promotional copy for your company. If every post on your blog is about your company and nothing else, it simply won’t read like a blog—and it will not attract a very large audience.

Illustration: Your blog shouldn't just be blocks of text.

Blogs are a wonderfully versatile medium. You can liven them up with everything from animated videos to sharable infographics. Even text-heavy blogs can be made more approachable when you break them up into smaller paragraphs and reformat them to add lists and bullet points. A blog that consists entirely of one long block of text after another will not hold readers’ attention for long.

Illustration of a megaphone with the words "Your blog shouldn't omit call to action."

Every well-written post on your blog has the potential to spark a reader’s interest in your company. That’s why you need to conclude every post by telling readers what they should do now that they’ve finished reading. This might mean contacting you directly by phone or email, but it may also mean clicking on a link to another blog post or a different part of your site. You have your reader’s attention—now do something with it.

Illustration of a coffee cup that says "covfefe," with the words "Your blog shouldn't be riddled with errors."

The quality of the writing in your blog should be as high as possible. The information it provides should be accurate, and every post should be free of spelling or grammatical errors. A blog that gets the small details right will inspire confidence in your company in a way that a sloppily edited blog will not.

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