A productive workplace is more likely to be a successful workplace, which is why it’s important to make sure your employees are working efficiently and responsibly. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep productivity levels high all the time. Interruptions, lack of sleep, and stress can all take their toll on your employees, potentially making them less efficient during the workday. If your employees could use a little help with their productivity, consider these apps for improving efficiency and building company success quickly.

  • Luxafor: Even if your employees are hard at work, they may fall victim to interruptions throughout the day. Did you know that it takes around 25 minutes for employees to become focused again after they’ve been interrupted? If your employees want to avoid interruptions, they can use the Luxafor app. This is a productivity tool and lets employees easily show others when they’re busy working and when they’re available for discussions and ideas.
  • Pillow: Getting a good night’s rest is important for feeling awake and alert during the workday. The Pillow app will let your employees track their sleep so they can receive detailed stats and facts about their sleeping patterns and heart rate analyses. This app also provides audio recordings and offers personalized suggestions to help users sleep better and feel more energetic when they’re awake.
  • Evenflow: Avoiding stress is another important element of staying productive throughout the day. When your employees are feeling stressed out, consider telling them about the Evenflow app. This mindfulness tool uses therapeutic insights and meditation suggestions to help users learn how to let stress go and achieve a calmer attitude. When employees feel more at peace, they’ll be better equipped to focus on work.

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