Social media has quickly become a useful tool for small businesses. Using websites like Twitter makes it easy for businesses to reach out to new customers, create lasting relationships, and even handle customer service matters. These tips can help you start creating quality tweets for your business.

Keep It Short and Sweet
It’s easy to keep your posts short when it comes to Twitter. That’s because you only have 140 characters per tweet! Along with the character limit, it’s also important to keep your tone in mind. Twitter’s short posting format has made it the perfect social media platform for creating informal posts that highlight the personality of your company. Create a message that people want to read so they will be encouraged to click any links you include to find out more.

Research Relevant Hashtags
Hashtags make it easier to get your tweet out to as many readers as possible. When you include hashtags, you’ll also be included in any Twitter searches for that term. This means even people who don’t follow you on Twitter will have a chance of seeing your tweet. You should include one or two hashtags in each tweet; going overboard can actually decrease your visibility and make your content look like spam. Always research hashtags before tweeting them to make sure they are popular and relevant, and will yield appropriate results.

Shorten Your Links
Including links in your tweets is essential if you want readers to visit your website and turn into customers. Unfortunately, links can take up too many characters in your tweets and leave you with fewer characters to use to reach out to readers. You can include links without wasting characters by shortening them. Use a website such as to shorten your links so they will take up fewer characters in your tweets. This will allow you to create tweets that motivate readers to click on the provided links.

Reach Out to Influencers
You don’t just want people to read your tweets—you also want people to retweet them! When another Twitter user retweets you, your tweet will be sent to all of that user’s followers. This can lead to new followers for your Twitter profile as well as new customers for your business. One way to encourage retweeting is by reaching out to influencers in your tweets. Influencers are Twitter users that have the potential to influence many followers. These can be companies, individuals, or organizations relating to your field. Mentioning influencers in your tweets can help them become even more visible.

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Jessica DeMilt

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