Links to a page help lend that page authority when it comes to search engine rankings, making link building one of the most important aspects of SEO. However, the number of links is not the only important aspect of link building—the quality of links matters, too. That’s why building links naturally is essential for any business’ online marketing strategy.

Provide Useful Content

Bloggers, journalists, and business owners generally link to other websites because they have something unique to offer readers. This is why it is essential to provide useful content on your business website. In addition to creating static copy that describes your products or services, you should regularly post interesting and informative blog content, as it is a great way to encourage natural link building. Your blog content should be unique to your website and should be free of typos and grammatical errors. You can also draw attention to your website and increase the chances that others will link to your pages by enhancing your blogs with infographics or videos that are interesting and shareable.

Get the Word Out There

Once you have created useful content, it’s important to spread the word about it. Social media is a great avenue for sharing your web content. Whenever you post a new blog, let followers know through a Facebook post or a tweet. If you post an infographic, be sure to share it on image-sharing sites with links back to your blog. You may also want to include links to your top blog posts in your business newsletters. As more people notice and share your content, there will be a greater chance of other authoritative websites finding that content and linking to it from their own pages.

Reach Out

It can be helpful to reach out directly to those who manage web directories, blogs, and popular websites if you have a relevant blog post that they may want to share. Keep in mind that links from authoritative websites tend to have higher value to search engines, so you will want to avoid having your content linked to by spam websites. Self-created links, such as those included in blog comments and guestbook signatures, are generally devalued by modern search engine algorithms and are not an ideal strategy for link building.

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