Your business website contains important information about your products, services, and company, but you probably don’t update these pages very often. This can result in fewer opportunities for people to find your website through online searches. Luckily, adding a blog to your website can create more content and more links, resulting in a variety of benefits. Continue reading for a closer look at this content marketing strategy.

Bring More People to Your Website

Blogging is an effective technique for improving SEO, or search engine optimization. When you post a blog, you’re creating a new link to your website. The more high-quality links to your website there are on the internet, the higher the chances of bringing more people to your website. Blog posts can cover a wide variety of topics relating to your products and services, providing many opportunities for potential customers to find your blog—and your website—when they’re looking for information through online searches.

Encourage Website Visitors to Become Customers

While a quality blog should provide valuable information to website visitors, it should also encourage those visitors to become customers. You can do this by including call-to-action, or CTA, at the end of every blog post. A CTA should entice blog readers to click a link or call a number to find more information about products and services that they might need or want. Every time you post a quality blog to your website, the chances of finding new leads through online searches becomes greater.

Create Shareable Content

Social media provides a great way for businesses to connect with customers. If your business is on social media, it’s important to maintain an active presence by posting regularly. When you have a blog, you can share links to new blog posts on your social media accounts. This will make it easier to stay active on social media, which can help improve your online reputation. When you share links to blogs that contain valuable information, your fans and followers might also share those posts with their own fans, friends, and followers.

If you’re ready to let your business benefit from a blog, Pennington Creative can help. Our writers can create custom blog copy that will help bring potential customers to your website and provide them with valuable information that can turn them into actual customers. Contact us today to set up a discovery call or an inbound marketing consultation at our downtown Tucson office.

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Jessica DeMilt

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services