It’s easier to sell your product or service when more people know it exists, which is why it helps to tap into every aspect of the internet that you can. Millions of people use YouTube every day, which translates to billions of viewed videos. If you want to take advantage of that level of traffic, keep reading to see if it’s time for your business to start a YouTube channel.

Make Connections and Get Noticed

The purpose behind SEO, or search engine optimization, is to make it easier for web users to find your business on search engines. If you already have an SEO campaign and would like to give it a boost, a YouTube channel can help. Google is the biggest search engine today, and it has come to incorporate videos into its immediate results. Google also values websites with quality videos, which will help boost your SEO ranking.

Repurpose Existing Content

If you want to get the most out of your content without reposting the same article over and over again, repurpose it. It doesn’t take much effort to take what you discussed in an article or blog post and turn it into a YouTube video, or even a web series. This is also helpful because not everyone consumes content in the same way. Some people like to read blogs, others like to look at infographics, and some prefer to watch videos. Creating a YouTube channel gives you an outlet to repurpose your content and offer it to your audience in a brand new way.

Add to Your Conversions

Your business can’t sustain itself unless you make the sales. You want to turn your audience into customers, but how does YouTube help you do that? People like to see the man behind the curtain, and YouTube gives you the necessary platform. When people click through to your YouTube channel and attach faces to the products and services they’re learning about, they’re more likely to make a purchase. This personalization helps your audience feel closer to your business, which makes all the difference when it comes to conversions.

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Travis - Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting
Travis Ryan

Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting