People are constantly sharing content through emails, social media, and personal messages, which is why content marketing is a great strategy for businesses of all sizes. Colleges and schools can also benefit from this marketing method, as young people are exposed to online content daily. Maintaining an attractive and easy-to-use website and sharing content on social media can help you reach out to potential new students. Keep reading to learn more about content marketing and how it can provide benefits for colleges and schools.

What is content marketing?

If you have ever done an online search and found content that answered your question while also subtly guiding you toward a specific company, then you have already experienced content marketing. This advertising technique utilizes blogs, infographics, videos, and other shareable forms of content to provide valuable and entertaining information that online users find relevant. Instead of creating advertisements that tell people what to buy or where to go, companies can offer potential customers helpful and interesting information that can encourage them to become real customers.

Creating blogs is one of the smartest and most efficient ways to offer online users information that might encourage them to utilize your services. Infographics combine facts and images to create engaging pictures that will bring users in. Pictures and videos can stand out from other online posts while also sharing information. No matter what type of content you create, you can use it to get your name out to even more people and potentially gain new customers. Businesses from all industries and of all sizes can find content marketing strategies that work for them and can be incorporated into their websites, email marketing schedules, and other marketing efforts.

How can colleges and schools benefit from content marketing?

If you are looking for a good way to reach out to potential new students, content marketing is key. Young people spend a lot of time online, especially on social media platforms. According to a Pew Research Center study, 71% of Americans ages 13 to 17 use Facebook, 52% use Instagram, 41% use Snapchat, 33% use Twitter, and 71% regularly use more than one of these social networks. While these sites and apps allow users to easily connect with friends, they also make it easy for businesses to connect with current and potential customers. Since so many young people are spending a significant amount of their time online, it only makes sense for schools to be active and share valuable content with them on social media.

Whether you create blogs, infographics, videos, or multiple forms of content, you should always post it on the school’s website. Next, you can easily share the posted content on the school’s social media pages, along with engaging text that encourages your fans and followers to visit your blog or website. When prospective students see your content, they’ll be more likely to look around your website and find out if your school offers what they’re looking for. Posting your content on social media always makes it easy for fans and followers to share it with their friends with a simple click, spreading the word to even more people.

Who can help with content marketing?

The best content marketing strategies focus on posting high-quality content on a regular basis and sharing that content through well-maintained social media accounts. Creating content and maintaining an active online presence are both full-time responsibilities. Trying to assign these tasks to some of your current employees might seem like a good idea at first, but you will soon find that great content takes time—and your employees are already busy handling their other daily tasks. This can cause employees to fall behind on their own work or provide lower-quality content than you would like.

Schools can avoid this by hiring professional help. Content marketing companies can talk to you about your school’s goals and unique attributes to come up with a marketing strategy that will work for you. These professionals will create engaging content that can attract potential new students to your website. Hiring a content marketing company can also make it easier to maintain an active online presence with regular social media posts. This is a great way to make sure your school is able to stay consistent by posting high-quality blogs, infographics, images, and social media posts that are catered to your school’s personality, mission, and style.

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