In the 21st century, law firms everywhere face the considerable challenge of making themselves stand out in a crowded market. The secret to standing out is figuring out how your future clients are most likely to find you. The answer, of course, is on the internet. If your law firm hasn’t already embraced the possibilities of online marketing, it’s time to begin developing your online presence and finding strategies that will be best suited to your unique needs.

The Importance of a Strong Website

Your law firm’s online marketing strategy needs a home base, and that base should be your website. The trouble is that creating websites—and website content—doesn’t lie within the purview of most law firms’ expertise. This is where a professional content provider may come into play. By working with skilled content specialists who are well-versed in writing about legal subjects, you can ensure that your website reflects the professionalism and integrity of your firm. These are some elements that your website absolutely must have:

  • Quality permanent content.The content on your homepage and your individual landing pages needs to be as strong as possible; after all, this is the content that is likely to be read the most. This content needs to introduce your firm, your members, and your legal services in clear, concise, and professional language. In order to ensure that your site’s permanent content adheres to the highest possible standards while being SEO-friendly, consider having it written for you by a seasoned professional.
  • Relevant updates. It’s equally important to ensure that your law firm’s site doesn’t seem static. Adding routine updates to your site will keep it fresh and will provide visitors with a reason to come back in the future. Since much of the content on your site, such as mini-biographies of your legal team and explanations of each of your services, won’t need to change very often, you’ll need a convenient place to add updates. A blog is the perfect vehicle for these updates, also providing you a place to post about relevant legal topics.
  • Intuitive design. In order to reach their intended audience, websites need to be as easy as possible for visitors to explore. This means that a visitor to your site should be able to locate a navigation menu immediately and be able to go right to the page with the information he or she is interested in. After all, the best content in the world won’t be effective if nobody is reading it. Each page of your site should also include a call to action with contact information for your law firm.
How You Can Publicize Your Law Firm

As a law firm, your first priority should be making sure that people who need your services can find you. That means spreading the word about your firm far and wide, making it possible for potential clients who might otherwise never know about you to discover your services. In today’s internet-savvy world, there are several useful tools available to any firm that will help you grow your online presence:

  • Press releases. If there is a new development at your firm—such as a new partner, an important case, or a change of office—you should be able to inform the public right away. When you need to make an announcement, a smartly written press release will reflect well on your professionalism.
  • Email marketing. An email is the fastest way to reach anyone, and a deftly run email marketing campaign will help you consolidate your connections with your clients. You can use email to promote your legal services and keep your readers up to date on the latest legal issues most relevant to them. Sending these emails also keeps your law firm fresh in the minds of your past clients, so they’ll be more likely to think of you if they need legal assistance.
  • eGuides and eBooks. One of the most significant challenges any law firm faces is establishing itself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source of legal information. You can help to confirm your high reputation by offering in-depth eGuides and eBooks as free downloadable features for your site’s visitors. A well-researched and well-written eGuide or eBook will allow you to explore important legal issues in greater depth, and will allow you to offer something useful to your clients.

Above all, you need to make sure that every element of your online presence—from your social media posts to your press releases—is as high-quality as possible. The content should be sharply written, free of errors, and demonstrate a professional-level grasp of the legal subjects it discusses. When potential clients visit your website or one of your social media pages, what they read should fill them with confidence about relying on your legal services. When you work with a team of seasoned content creators, you can be confident that your content will be worthy of representing your firm. Contact us today to learn more about developing a winning content strategy for your law practice.

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