If you’re relying on web-based content to drive customers to your business, then the idea of content strategy and content marketing aren’t new to you. However, most people use these terms interchangeably, when in reality, they are two different—albeit linked—processes. To succeed online, you need both content strategy and content marketing plans that work together seamlessly. Here is a closer look at how these two concepts are linked—and why your company needs both.

Content strategy and content marketing need each other.

Content strategy and content marketing can’t exist alone. To be effective, your business needs to have a plan for both. Content strategy is the broader plan you have for managing your content. The content your business creates is a resource, and your strategy is your plan for managing it. Your strategy should detail the brand identity that you want to enforce with your content and the goals you have for using content as an organization. It sets a tone for the kind of content you want and the features that content should have to reach your organization’s goals.

Content marketing is the nuts and bolts marketing efforts you conduct using content. Marketing puts your strategy into action and focuses on finding the audience for your content while ensuring that your content drives the behaviors it is intended to, from getting customers to engage with you online to getting them to make purchases.

Your business needs content strategy and content marketing.

Focusing your attention on just strategy or just marketing won’t allow your business to reap the rewards of content creation. Content strategy doesn’t make the connection between your content and your customers, while content marketing without strategy leads to an undefined, ineffective campaign. Separate these tasks and treat them as individual concepts so that your company can fully leverage your content for sales.

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Heather McDonald

Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting