In today’s world, people turn to the internet when they want to buy a new house. From searching for properties in their desired area to finding the right realtor, homeowners and future homeowners rely on online searches to help them through every step of this process. Your real estate business can take advantage of this by creating engaging content that will attract people to your social media pages and websites. This guide can help you understand the importance of engaging content and give you a look at what types of content work best for the real estate industry:

Offer a Real Look at Properties   

There are many different types of content that you can create as part of a digital marketing strategy, including pictures and videos. Both content types are excellent for the real estate industry because they offer people a real-life look at homes that are on the market. When people are looking for a new home, they want to be able to picture what it’s like to live in that home. Posting pictures and videos of homes that are for sale will help potential customers picture themselves in these properties, inspiring them to contact you for more information. You can post these elements to a gallery page on your website as well as on your social media pages. Create albums for each property or community, and then share these albums along with descriptive text. When you post pictures and videos on sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll also give people an opportunity to easily share your posts with their own friends and followers, providing even more visibility.

Provide Valuable Information

Along with pictures and videos, you can also create custom blogs to post on your website and to your social media pages. It is common for people to turn to search engines when they have questions about buying, selling, or maintaining homes. Your real estate business can become a trusted resource for current and future homeowners if you create blogs that answer these questions. Write blogs that cover topics such as what people should look for when shopping for a new home, what people need to know about applying for a mortgage, and how people can prepare their homes for sale. Include plenty of helpful information so that online users will rely on you as a real estate resource. By including keywords that people are searching for, you can create blogs that have a higher chance to appear during online searches. When people find valuable information from your blogs, they’ll be more likely to consider your services for their real estate needs.

Ask Your Audience for Input

Your customers can serve as some of the best resources you have when you want to create engaging content that will bring people to your website. Use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to encourage your customers to share pictures, comments, reviews, and any other positive experiences they’ve had with your real estate company. Other people can see these posts on your social media pages, giving them a look at how happy your customers are with your services. You can also use these pictures and comments as inspiration when creating new blogs, infographics, and other types of content for your website. If you ask customers for permission, you can also post their pictures and quotes on various pages of your website to highlight your excellent products and services. People often look for reviews to help them make their decisions.

Create a Sense of Community

When you work in real estate, you don’t just sell homes—you also sell neighborhoods. People won’t be interested in beautiful houses if they’re located in unappealing areas. You can create content that will show off various elements of the neighborhoods where your homes are located, allowing potential customers to see themselves in these communities. Write blogs that talk about the great schools in the area or the nearby restaurants and stores that make communities great. Social media can also help you reach out to other local businesses, allowing you to benefit from gaining exposure to each other’s fans and followers. Start by liking or following local businesses on social media, then reach out to them and ask them to share content that their fans and followers might find relevant. You should also be willing to share information from other businesses, so find a good balance between posting original content and content created by others.

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