In content marketing, it is critical to find a balance between reaching a large audience with a more generic approach and reaching a select few with highly tailored and customized information. Email marketing fits into the second of these categories, and it can be a valuable resource when it comes to customer retention and engagement. It also has some distinctive benefits, including a steadfast rate of success with an increasingly mobile audience. If you’re still unsure about email marketing and whether it can deliver the results you want, read ahead to see some of the qualities that might make email marketing a particularly worthwhile investment for your business.

You Use Ecommerce

If any percentage of your business takes place online, you should be using email marketing to capture leads and encourage repeat customers. Email marketing drives sales—in 2015, 25.1% of online Black Friday sales originated through email. By coordinating your email marketing campaign with major holidays and shopping events, you can see much bigger spikes in online sales.

Your Industry Is Fast-Paced

For some businesses, email marketing will be solely dedicated to special offers and deals to bring in new customers. Alternatively, certain industries benefit from a more informative approach with helpful overviews of what’s happening in the industry. If your industry is particularly fast-paced with new technologies and daily developments, it may be necessary to keep yourself and your clients in the know with the consistency of a monthly or weekly newsletter. Real estate agents, for example, can update potential clients with market forecasts and neighborhood news to build client trust before such a significant purchase.

You Want to Stay Engaged with Customers

Building client relationships can have a lasting return on investment, because you will see years of repeat business and referrals as a result. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stay in touch with customers, particularly in an increasingly digital world. Email marketing provides the opportunity to retain a sense of community with your customers, while further building the identity of your business.

One thing that is certain with email marketing is that each business will require a unique approach, depending on its industry and specific marketing goals. At Pennington Creative, we can help you nurture leads and increase your audience with customized email marketing solutions tailor-made for your business.

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Marissa Storrs

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