In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever to ensure that your business has a strong social media presence. By using social media platforms to your advantage, you will be able to attract new customers and engage your existing client base. When you embark on a social media marketing campaign for your business, it is a great idea to draw inspiration from other companies and businesses that have been able to use social media savvy to promote their brands. To help you get started on your social media marketing plan, here is a look at four examples of great social media campaigns from nationally recognized brands.

Skating Felines from GoPro

The GoPro Company has built a strong brand reputation through its popular camera equipment and adventurous brand ambassadors. In order to continue engaging its audience on social media, however, GoPro recognized the importance of creating fresh and exciting content. In accordance with this vision, the marketing team at GoPro released an unexpected Instagram video of a cat skateboarding with its owner. The combination of a cute, fluffy animal and a fun action sport was a hit, and the video went viral nearly overnight.

Overseas Adventures from Expedia

Expedia has also used Instagram to its social media advantage. Last year, the travel booking site ran a social media contest that was exclusively available to its followers. By following Expedia’s Instagram profile, as well as those of its travel sponsors, social media followers were eligible to win an expenses-paid trip to South America. The campaign was a success, and Expedia was able to drive its social media engagement by encouraging its followers to like, click, and comment on Instagram posts.

Casual Stories from Taco Bell

Many brands have flocked to more casual social media apps and sites, such as Snapchat, in order to promote awareness of their products and services. A terrific example of Snapchat success with a nationally recognized brand can be seen through Taco Bell’s Snapchat story feed. While the Snapchat story feed was originally intended for friends to post temporary memories and comments, Taco Bell was able to use this unique social media platform to attract new followers and share their latest marketing campaigns.

Golden GIFs from L’Oreal

When you create a social media campaign for your company, you should upload your content to several different sites, apps, and platforms. A great example of a cross-platform social media marketing strategy is L’Oreal’s Golden Globe GIFs. These GIFs were created specifically for the high-profile event, and were posted across Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. By filling all of its feeds with similar content, L’Oreal was able to create a strong brand presence leading up to the big event.

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