Facebook has introduced an assortment of new features since its start in 2004. One of the most recent changes is something that users have been requesting for years: new Reactions. Gone are the days of either “liking” or ignoring a status update or shared link. Now, you can express a variety of emotions when it comes to your friends’ and colleagues’ social media posts! Here is a closer look at how users are reacting to Facebook’s new Reactions.

Discovering the New Reactions

When you check out your Facebook News Feed, you won’t notice anything different. The “like” button is still visible on posts, but users can hover their cursor over this button on their computers or long-press the button on mobile devices to access the new Reactions: love, wow, haha, angry, and sad. While some users had a difficult time finding the new Reactions when they debuted, it’s clear that more and more users are discovering Reactions and using them on many different types of posts.

Using the New Reactions

If you ever posted a comment about how Facebook should have a “dislike” button, you’re definitely not alone! While users have been able to “like” Facebook posts for years, they have been unable to express any other type of reaction unless they decided to post a comment. With the new Reactions, users have a wider range of options to choose from when they come across interesting content online. According to Forbes, participants in a Facebook study all agreed that the new Reactions do not have a negative impact on their Facebook experience. When asked to rate the new Reactions on a usefulness scale from one to five, close to 80% of participants gave them a four or five.

Learning from the New Reactions

Now that Facebook users have more ways to express their opinions, it’s important for companies to think about how to take advantage of the website’s new Reactions. When companies post links, pictures, videos, and other types of content on Facebook, they can take a look at how their fans and other users react. This can help companies discover what types of content are best to post and when, allowing them to build a stronger online presence.

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Jessica DeMilt

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services