As every business owner with a website already knows, the great challenge of the internet is bringing customers to your site. Google is the road that most people will take to get there, which is why most online marketing strategies are focused on optimizing content to make it more appealing to Google and other search engines. With Google Posts, however, internet users don’t even need to find your website to learn about your business. Google Posts are an innovative new feature with enormous potential for companies that are looking to reach customers more directly.

What are Google Posts?

When you search for a company’s name on Google, you’ll notice a box with information about the company pop up next to the search results. This box is known as the Knowledge Panel. Google Posts are content updates that appear under a company’s Knowledge Panel, so internet users will see them when they search for your company’s name.

What can a Google Post include?

Google Posts can include both text and an image—such as a photograph or a GIF. The body of the post can be up to 300 words in length. You can also add a title of 58 characters or less, a call to action button, and a start date/end date for posts about events. Google Posts that aren’t about upcoming events are only visible for about a week, so you’ll need to replace them with new ones regularly.

Why are Google Posts useful?

Google Posts are similar to a blog in format, but they’re placed prominently near your search results, so your customers will be even more likely to see them. Google Posts offer a great way to spread the word about upcoming sales or special events, since they appear when somebody is looking up information about your business. Although they are still new, Google Posts are easy to incorporate into your online marketing campaign and can offer great results.

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